Civitanova – Padua: forecast and rate of Timur Khabibullin

Within the framework of the fourteenth round of the Italian championship, Civitanova will host Padua, with whom problems may occur in today’s match due to the staffing situation in the squad.

Civitanova did not benefit from their participation in the club world championship, where they finished second, losing in three games to Cruzeiro. After that, an ordinary victory in the group stage of the Champions League over Maribor (3: 0) was obtained, and the most offensive was the defeat in the last round on the home court to one of the main rivals of the championship – “Perugia” with a score of 1: 3. Before today’s match, Civitanova will experience staffing problems in key positions. A pair of main spikers Osmani Juantoren and Ricardo Lucarelli were out for at least two weeks. In addition, of the remaining sideplayers, there are two not the most experienced players – Marlon Yant and Jiri Kovar. Rumor has it that in this situation, Ivan Zaitsev can be transferred to a follow-up game, but you need to understand that the player has just recovered from an injury, and whether you need to immediately put him in a position where you will have to bear the load both in the reception and in the attack.

Padua shows good results after 14 rounds, taking 7th place with six victories in the asset. Jacopo Cuttini’s wards try to get as many points as possible from match to match, showing a game comparable to the leaders of the championship. Thanks to the effective play of the duo of strikers “Padua”, diagonal Linus Weber and outplayer Mattia Bottolo, the team began to show stable results in the championship, and both players averaged 3.5 points per game, ranking 7th and 10th in the list of the most productive players in the championship, respectively. th place.

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Based on the staffing problems in the Civitanova line-up at the moment, Padua’s players are quite capable of imposing a fight in each of the parties even in an away match, and the plus handicap offered by the bookmaker looks valuable, since Padua did not lose with this difference this season … In the last match between these teams two months earlier in the 1st round, Civitanova proved to be much more effective in attack, having won with a score of 3: 0. “Padua” in the upcoming match is able to at least keep a positive handicap, and if he shows one of the games without a lot of marriage, he is able to win the game. I will make my choice in favor of a positive handicap.

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