Clippers – Denver: forecast and rate. “Nuggets” will cope with “sailboats”

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In the last game, the “sailboats” managed to break the streak of three defeats. Paul George returned and was beaten by Sacramento, but the leader was injured again and was eliminated for at least three weeks. Also in the infirmary are the first four most productive players of the team, who in total averaged 67 points per match. It is clear that Ibaka, Bladsoe, Zubats remain, but without the key attackers it will be very difficult to issue a mini-series of victories, especially against Denver, which will include its leader.


The Nuggets do not indulge their fans with consistent and frequent wins. In December, the team won 5 of 11 battles, and in the last match lost to Charlotte, leading 13 points at the beginning of the fourth quarter. The final 12-minute was completely ruined, and the team’s infirmary is also not empty. Aaron Gordon’s participation is in question, Highland should return to the ranks, but there are still no Murray and Porter, and the latter will not play this season. Nevertheless, Nikola Jokic is in excellent shape, who is clearly looking forward to help from other performers. In December, he already has 4 triple-doubles on his account, and it is he who can become a key factor in this game.


Considering the simply insane losses of the Clippers, I can’t believe in the prospects of this team in the match against Denver, where at least Jokic is present, so in this case it is worth considering the victory of the Nuggets with a handicap (-3). Note that in the last home match, “sailboats” completely surrendered to “San Antonio”, and “Denver” won three of the last five away battles.

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