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Common HP Printer Errors with Solutions

Any error of the HP printer does not allow you to use the printing equipment’s functions fully. Manufacturers of copying and printing office equipment HP tried to simplify the work of their service masters as much as possible. They have developed a series of codes that allow you to determine the source of the malfunction accurately. On the other hand, it is tough for an ordinary user to understand what happened to his printer without instructions. To remedy this situation, this material was created.

Most Popular HP Laser Printer Errors

There are indeed a lot of HP error codes. They can be software or hardware. Among the hundreds of codes, some errors are repeated more often than others:

1. Error E8 on HP printer. This alphanumeric value indicates a problem with the scanner. The manufacturer in the instructions writes that the error is fatal. In other words, it cannot be fixed. Not really. If the scanner carriage does not move, you need to unscrew the scanner glass and try to move it manually. This will help in case of jamming. If the carriage twitches and moves in jerks, the problem is in the drive gears. Most likely, there was a backlash. If the HP E8 printer does not resolve the error personally, call the wizard.

2. HP error E3. It says that the printer does not see the cartridge. Most often, the reason lies in the improper installation of the consumable. Remove and insert the cartridge into the print path. Error E3 printer HP – another reason for this situation could be a foreign object: eraser, paper clip, tape, trifle, wallpaper, etc. These and other things very often fall into the printer while the cartridges are being refilled. Clean the HP printer. Error E3 will be resolved.

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3. 10xxx series errors. These are information codes. They notify the user about the device’s status: warm-up, ready for printing, low toner level, etc.

4. HP 10.32.xx Toner Cartridge Error. The printer writes an “incompatible cartridge” and outputs the appropriate code. The device identified the installed consumable as unoriginal. If you are sure of the manufacturer, click “Next.”

5. Series of codes 10002. An error printing error on your HP printer indicates that you cannot retrieve data from your PC. To connect the printer over the network, use our instructions. Reconnect office equipment.

6. 102xx error series. They talk about the need for maintenance. In some cases, it is enough to buy cartridges for a printer and replace consumables with an exhausted resource. In others – full service is required.

These are the most popular bugs, but you can see other codes on HP MFP displays.

HP Printers – Error Codes

Error name and decryptionReasonsDecision
13.20.хх, 13.A or 13.3.хх

– general paper error 13.5.хх – HP printer code

Indicates sheet jamming in the thermal unit 13.6.хх – paper jamming at the outlet of the stove
A sheet of paper or other foreign object is stuck in the printing path, preventing its progress. The printer chews the paper at a certain stage and issues the appropriate code.1. Open the printer cover and remove the stuck sheet.
2. Check the registration checkboxes, capture rollers, and thermoblock.
3. If necessary, replace the damaged elements.
40 EIO / BAD SERIAL TRANSMISSION – network card problemsMost likely, the network port of printing equipment is incorrectly configured.1. Turn the printer on and off.
2. Compare the port settings on the PC and the office equipment. Correct the data if necessary.
3. Check the network card and replace it.
22 PARALLEL I/O – port does not work correctlyThis error could be caused by a network cable or drivers that were not installed correctly.1. Installation of printer drivers without a disk is carried out as follows: removal of old software, downloading fresh software from the manufacturer’s official website. It is necessary to choose the right model and bitness of the OS. Follow the recommendations of the installation wizard.
2. Try replacing the cable.
20/21 – HP errors indicating memory problemsThe code occurs when the print queue is full, and there is a shortage of DIMM buffer memory.Just clear the print queue.
41.3 – HP Laser Printer Error Indicates Paper MismatchPaper sizes are incorrect.1. Check the tray settings.
2. If the printer doesn’t see the paper at all, check the drivers and Opto sensors.
3. You need to diagnose the management board.
50.x –

furnace error code 50.1 –

low temperature 50.2

– cannot determine the

the temperature of 50.3 – overheating

50.4 – the control board “does not see” the stove 50.5 – problems with the circuit
The thermal unit cannot heat up to the desired temperature, overheats, is not detected, or has damage. Natural wear of parts or mechanical damage.1. If instead of x in the code there are numbers from 1 to 3, it is necessary to check the thermistor.
2. Instead of x digit 4 – requires checking the connection of the connectors.
3. Code 50.5 – it is necessary to replace the thermal film.
51.x and 52.x – HP error codes indicating problems with the laser scannerAfter transportation, the contacts could move away but do not exclude the wear of the laser components.1. Inspect the connection contacts.
2. Clean the laser diode.
3. Replace the scanner or its individual components.
55.x – problems with the power supplyPower surges, high humidity, and careless handling could lead to PSU breakdowns. The printer often does not turn on at all, but there are situations when power failures are partial.1. Turn off the printer.
2. Wait 5-10 minutes and turn on the machine.
3. Didn’t help? We need to replace the power supply in the printer.
59.x – engine

error 59.0 –

HP printer does not see the

59.1 motor – the engine does not start 59.2 – the motor works but does not gain the necessary speed
Collector motors are responsible for the movement of various rollers inside the printing path. When they how their resource or suffer overload, the user sees one of the codes 59.x1. Restart office equipment.
2. Check the wiring and quality of the connections.
3. Check the engine and replace it if necessary.

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