Corner bets in football: types of bets and plus strategies

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The world of betting is unusually diverse in our time, which does not limit the range of markets only to options for the outcome, total or handicap. It has long been known that in these variants of bets, there are several times less valued and undervalued positions than, for example, in bets on small markets or sports statistics. Many plus bettors with experience in betting have long accepted the fact that it is possible to make a good increase to the bank precisely thanks to bets on statistics, one of the variants of which is betting on corners in football matches.

A corner is a situation in a football match in which the ball, having last touched a player of the defending team, left the field behind the goal line, while not ending up in the net. In the everyday life of bookmakers’ players, corner corners are also called “corner”. This name is very simple to explain, because the word came to us from the English language, in which the angle is called so.

Corner kicks, unlike free kicks or penalty kicks, are considered a measure not disciplinary, but more of a game measure. Therefore, in the case of corners, the last touch is important, on which the potential introduction of the ball from the corner of the field will depend. If the attacking player is the last to touch, and the ball flew behind the goal, then a shot from the goal will be assigned. If, before flying out of the goal line, the ball touched a defensive player, then a chance will appear to the attacking team from the corner of the field. A little below, experts in working with football statistics will tell players about the types of bets on corner kicks, and will also try to focus on important aspects of this type of bet.

Many bookmakers provide the widest selection of types of bets on corners in football matches. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular offers from bookmakers. The strategy of betting on corners in football depends on which subspecies you will bet on.

Messi gives a corner

Outcomes in corner kick bets

Bets on corner kick outcomes are made and calculated similarly to regular bets on match outcomes, where the number of goals scored by teams is taken as a basis. The player is asked to guess which team will win by the number of corners asked, or a draw will be recorded (“win 1 – draw – win 2”). Just as in goal bets, it is possible to play a bet on a double outcome: “1 x” – here it is necessary that the home team does not lose in the number of corners served, “x2” – a similar bet on the guests, as well as “12” – in this case, it is necessary that one of the teams achieve victory on the corners. As you can see, you did not learn anything new when compared with bets on ordinary outcomes. Imagine teams playing for corners rather than goals, and feel free to guess the winner of the match in this kind of football statistics.

Handicaps in corner kick bets

First of all, it is worth recalling that handicaps or handicaps in the betting business are called a deliberate advantage (plus handicap) or an allowable lag (minus handicap) of one of the teams in one of the statistical indicators – corners, shots on target, fouls. In rare cases, both teams participating in a particular match will have the same indicators for corners in the bookmaker line. More often than not, one of the teams will have a handicap advantage, such as “-4.5” or “-6.5”, which will allow players to bet with a decent odds in the region of 1.8. For the victory of the team on corners in this case, the coefficient will be in the region of 1.2, which makes betting with a handicap the only possible option for ordinary. To calculate whether the bet on the handicap won or not, it is necessary to add or take away the numerical value of the handicap chosen by the player before the match at the end of the match.

How to Stack on the Number of Corners with Handicap

Here is an example of betting on the handicap on corners at the Lazio-Verona match. The bookmaker predictably put the Romans as a notable favorite of the meeting in this statistical indicator. Suppose a player opted for a bet (-2.5) on corners in favor of Lazio for 1.77. In this case, it is necessary that the Roman team give at least three more corners than its opponent from Verona. Let’s say that at the end of the match, Lazio beat Verona in corners with a score of 8:6. In this case, the bet on the specified handicap lost.

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Totals in corner kick bets

Bookmakers accept bets on totals (the number of corners asked) at the end of the entire match and individual halves. Totals exist both team and individual for one of the teams participating in the match. Players are given an indicative total in the form of an integer or fractional number, most often the average total for corners in the match is calculated by the number 10.5. Now the bettor is left to guess whether more or less than the specified figure will be given corners in the reporting game. If the corner is served exactly as much as specified in the total, a refund will be calculated at this rate.

Totals: team and individual

Different bookmakers use different designations for totals. The most common designations are “TM” – total less and “TB” – total more. Some bookmakers exclude the letter “T” using only the first letters of the words “more” and “less”. Suppose we think Lazio should give eight or more corners against Verona. In this case, we will find a decent coefficient of 2.35 for the Option “Lazio more than 7.5 corners in the match”. In the final statistical report of the Lazio-Verona match, we see twelve corners in the “hosts” column, which suggests that our bet played with a margin. The total of Lazio in this case is considered individual, and only the indicators of the Romans in the matter of cornering are important for its accounting – Verona’s indicators do not have any effect on the individual total of Lazio.

Time/match bets on corner kicks

These markets are not particularly in demand among fans of betting on sports statistics. On the other hand, the odds for such markets exceed the standard 1.7-1.9, which allows those players who can easily guess the course of a football match to get rich. It’s no secret that teams start using standards more actively from the corner of the field exactly when they are inferior in the score. For example, a bet on “P2 / P1” means that in the first half the visitors should win on corners, but at the end of the whole match the home team should execute more corners than the opponent. The average coefficient for such an election is around the number 10.0.

Multicorner in corner kick bets

If all the above options for betting on corners are known to most players in similar markets for goals scored, then bets of the “multicorner” type do not have such a wide distribution, so they require detailed consideration.

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Multicorner is one of the types of bets on corner kicks in football matches. The formula for calculating the game total in multicorner is as follows: “the total of the 1st team multiplied by the total of the 2nd team”.

For example, the initial total in the multi-corner match Lazio-Verona is 21.5 with options for more and less. Let’s say you bet on a “multicorn total greater than 21.5”, how many corners will suit you from both teams? Let’s count, or rather, multiply the numerical values of the angular values executed by the teams. Suppose the teams ended the match with seven and three corners in the piggy bank, respectively. Thus, it remains to multiply 7 by 3 to get a multicorner total of 21, that is, less than we need for a successful bet. In this case, to win the bet, it is necessary that at least one of the teams gives one more corner: either multiply 7 by 4, or multiply 8 by 3 – with either of the two options, the product of two numbers will give a number exceeding 21, which indicates the winning of the bet. It is according to such an interesting and non-standard principle that bets on corners in a multicorner are calculated. Agree that this option of betting on corners looks much more attractive than the standard “p1-x-p2”, but we note that not all bookmakers provide the opportunity to play in a multicorner.

Other Options for Corner Kick Betting

Aside from the main types of corner betting listed just above, there are less popular choices that are also worthy of attention.

1. Who will give the first corner of the match.

Who will be the first to file a corner?

2. Even/odd number of corners at the end of the match. Recall that 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 corners will allow you to play a bet on an even number, and 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 – on an odd number.

Guess even/odd number of corners

3. Corner race (which team will execute a certain number of corners first).
4. Number of angles from and to (intervals from 0 to 8, from 8 to 13).

5. Time of the first corner in the match (for

example, from the first to the tenth minute inclusive).

time interval of the first corner

Live Bets on Corner Kicks

As mentioned just above, bets on corner kicks in a football match are directly dependent on the development of the score in the match. If there are representatives of one division on the field who do not have a serious difference in class, then additional factors come into play.

  • First, most teams have more corners at home than they do away. Why? In fact, everything is simple: the home team, even inferior to the guests in class, will often put pressure on the opponent’s goal, which will certainly be reflected in statistical indicators, such as shots on goal or corners.
  • Secondly, there is no getting away from the status of “leader-outsider” in a particular game. Starting with a score of 0:0, the favorite team will seek to confirm this in practice, which will result in numerous attacks on the opponent’s goal. If these same gates can be opened quickly enough, then the leading team can play by the score, providing ball control, and with it corner kicks to the opponent. However, if the favorite of a particular match fails to open the gate of the outsider team, then the attacks will continue, the opponent’s goalkeeper will have to work hard, and the corner statistics will necessarily remain on the side of the attacking team. However, there are also cases when the favorite misses an early and unexpected goal from the outsider, which forces the leading team to claim two goals. In this case, experienced players on live bets are included in the match, realizing that the whole game will now take place on the side of the outsider team, such players boldly take the minus handicap of corners for the alleged leader of a particular match.
  • Thirdly, we will not exclude disciplinary punishments of one of the rivals. Obviously, playing 11 on 10, the opponent with a numerical advantage will have more possession of the ball and create chances at the opponent’s goal, which will certainly result in a large number of corner kicks. Proven betters closely monitor the events on the field, and only notice a gross foul with a subsequent sanction from the referee in the form of a red card, immediately take the minus handicap on the team that remained in the majority. Believe me, if you do everything quickly and clearly, not every bookmaker will update the quotes in time in favor of the team playing in the majority. Attentiveness, speed and sense of the game are three skills that will allow you to earn your million on live bets on corner kicks.
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Consider all of the above factors to hone your corner betting strategy. Over time, you will begin to understand at the subconscious level how the course of the match (removal, changes in the score and so on) affect the amount of corners.

Factors affecting corners in football matches

Corners are a subtle and sometimes not logical element at all. It happens that one team attacks, but the ball after its attacks stubbornly does not go beyond the front line from the defending squad, but the opponent made three approaches to the goal and earned four corners. Paradox? No, maybe it’s a lot simpler, and there are two or three tall defenders in his squad for whom scoring from a corner is easier than kicking a penalty. That is why the game of such a team will be sharpened to earn shots from the corner, which will subsequently lead to corner kicks and potential chances at the opponent’s goal. As you can see, the corners are affected not only by the status of a potential leader, but also by other important factors.

  • Statistics that must be taken into account when betting on corners. If a team has been hitting 2-3 corners for ten straight games, it’s hard to expect to suddenly break the 5.5 total.
  • Style of play. Someone plays on the flanks with a lot of serves on the ramming forward, and someone, in turn, rolls the ball from one flank to the other in search of a pass from low to the hidden nine. Obviously, the first team will average more corners than the second. However, in matters of the style of formation of a particular team, an important role is played by the coach, so we recommend that you monitor changes on the coaching bridge, often entailing changes in the style of play of a particular team.
  • Weather. Here everything is quite simple: corners imply numerous attacks, and it is more difficult to attack in bad weather, which will affect the number of corners. Consider weather factors when betting on corner kicks.

Now it remains for you to take into account the above factors in order to have financial success in betting on corners both on the line and in live mode. At the first stage, we advise you to take a closer look at the teams, their style and behavior on the field in different game situations, mark yourself the main features in their game, and only after that make bets with bookmakers for corner kicks.

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