Corral strategy for football betting

Corral strategy for football betting

Sports betting enthusiasts have come up with a lot of strategies to beat the bookmakers. Many of them apply to football, the most popular sport on the planet. One of these is the strategy of the game Corral. It works best for soccer betting if you know how to use it. The strategy is simple, but effective, which is why it is very often used in the betting world.

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The essence of the “Corral” strategy

The strategy was developed specifically for betting on total football matches in live mode. The basic principle of the scheme is to bet more on total in those matches where the probability of goals was initially very high, but the first half did not please with goals scored and ended 0: 0.

You can bet on total over 0.5, 1.0 or 1.5 – it depends on the offered odds and the bettor’s choice. Most often, bettors choose the total bet over 1 – this gives them additional insurance if the game ends with the score 1: 0.

Some bettors who want to further increase the odds on the bet wait until the start of the second half and bet at about 50 minutes. This is not the best approach – the odds will not increase much in 5 minutes, but in the case of a quick goal in the second half, you will lose your winning bet.

There are, of course, variations of the strategy. For example, the first half ended with a score of 1: 0 in favor of one of the teams, although before the match the bookmaker estimated the chances of total over / under 3 goals equally. There is a high probability that in the second half the losing team will run to recoup, and the leader in the score will catch the opponent on counterattacks. Since even before the game the bookmaker predicted a fairly high performance, during the break, you can safely take a total of more than 2 or even more than 2.5.

Features of the strategy application

  1. If, according to theory and statistics, there should be goals in a match, then this will happen with a 90% probability. The only question is when it will happen – in the first or second half. Therefore, if the first half ended 0-0, the chances of multiple goals in the second are increased.
  2. If a productive match is expected, and the first half ends with a dry score, the office will not give too “juicy” odds for TB 1 or even TB 1.5. For this reason, not all players use the Corral strategy – some are not attracted by low odds. However, such bets are very beneficial over the long run.
  3. The second halves are usually more effective than the first. This makes the application of the Corral strategy even more effective.
  4. Some bettors, who before the match chose the total over, when the score is 0: 0, during the break, they are “outbid”, making bets on less. Accordingly, the odds for the total grow more.

Where and how to look for matches for the Corral strategy

  1. Consider the last 4-5 club matches. The odds are better if teams score consistently and concede in the second 45 minutes. Better to bet on the teams that play openly in the first half and without looking back at the rear, but do not always realize their chances, and in the second halves they often break through a large total.
  2. To more accurately determine that a match is eligible for a Corral bet, it must be watched live on TV. Please note that the game in the first half is lively and with moments, and the implementation will come.
  3. Use statistics services and performance programs for the second halves. In addition, you can keep statistics on your own, but in our time, given the development of the Internet, this option does not seem rational.

The chances of winning with the Corral strategy are quite high. The more experienced and attentive the player is, the more winnings he can get. When using this strategy, it is very important to place your bets on time. The ideal option is to take a break from a soccer game, when you have a full 15 minutes to think it over.

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