“Crystal Palace” – “West Ham”: prediction and rates of Arthur Petrosyan

“Palace” had a lot of fun in the game with Norwich – such a victory was important after the incident that happened in the derby with “Tottenham”. Now, in the first match of the new year, Zaa will be added to the “eagles” after the disqualification, and I think he will be eager to apologize for the fact that three games were absent due to his stupidity, and leave the best memory of himself before leaving for the African Cup.

West Ham, like Palace, won a major victory in the last round, having dealt with Watford in class and thus ending a 5-match losing streak. The “hammer men” still lack Cresswell, Ogbonn and Zuma, but in terms of efficiency in offense, everything is at a more than decent level.

It is difficult to predict the outcome in a game in which anything can happen. But here’s what at least once differ, and they both seem to be here quite likely.

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