CSKA – Dynamo Moscow: forecast and bet of Maxim Lebedev

The rivals look quite worthy of each other. They have already met three times this season, and apart from the completely illogical first victory of CSKA (illogical because the army team at that moment were nothing at all, while the blue and white headed the standings), the rest was all according to the classics: the exchange of victories outside of regular time.

Now the advantage seems to be again for Dynamo. After the Europause, they feel confident and score a lot. And, importantly, they had an extra day of rest before the upcoming match, while the army team had to sweat, bending Minsk bison into a ram’s horn.

And yet I will not bet on nominal guests to win. But what I would venture to bet on is a draw in regulation time, especially since the odds there will be very decent. Who will finish off whom in overtime or even in a series of post-match shootouts is almost an accident. But the fact that no one will give anyone a descent in regular time and the rivals are worthy of each other is a fact.

Therefore, my prediction is as follows: a draw in regulation time. And then – how lucky.

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