CSKA – Jokerit: forecast and bet by Maxim Lebedev

Officially, it is this match that closes the Kontinental League hockey program in 2021, even if several matches on that day should start at the same time. Both rivals are now pretty “stormy”, but for the “jokers” it happens more systemically. They regularly muzzle the subordinates and fly in higher. CSKA has more problems, and the army sinusoid of victories and defeats with the names and quality of opponents does not correlate in any way.

Thus, in this match everything depends on CSKA. According to the current system, “Jokerit”, in theory, should lose to the army team. But this is only if CSKA itself looks decent. And if it is the same as, say, in a home match with Nizhny Novgorod “Torpedo”, then the “jokers” of the red-blue and the second team will eat.

I still hope that the army team themselves will want to spend the New Year in a positive way. And they will not play the fool with quite edible “Jokerite” for them. That is, there will be a fight, but not so as to rupture the aorta. CSKA will win in the final of this fight, and it will do so in regulation time.

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