“Cupid” – “Admiral”: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev

Here the other day, the Khabarovsk governor set a task for Amur to win the Gagarin Cup by 2025. Taking into account the current state of the Far Eastern club and its last match before the Europause, the Khabarovsk governor could just as well have demanded that Amur win the Stanley Cup. And not by the 25th year, but by morning or Monday. Even if this current member of the FHR, which the said governor is, is so far from the realities of life, then what should we think about the rest?

The cup is not a cup, but for the Europause Amur had to leave the playoff zone of their Eastern Conference. But in the last match he lost, God forgive me, to “Admiral”, who even after two victories continues to lie face down at the bottom of all conceivable and inconceivable KHL standings. And now, instead of preparing for the New Year with a positive attitude, Khabarovsk residents sob in tenth place, winding snot on their fists.

I suppose that the coaching staff during the European break will let their players cry and, if necessary, even bang their heads against the wall. But then things will go back to normal and the team will be fine by Monday. At least, in such a way as not to wash, so by rolling to squeeze out of the “Admiral” two points so necessary for Khabarovsk. Therefore, in my forecast, “Cupid” will win and even do it in regulation time, with an advantage of two or more goals.

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