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Switzerland U20 – USA U20

The Americans rested on Monday, while the Swiss fought the Russian national team. To be honest, Switzerland left a very vague impression. Even the weak Russian national team with some ease achieved a 3: 0 score in the first period. The Americans will be stronger. They have a cool squad, led by last draft pick Matty Beniers, who is highly anticipated at Seattle. Plus the US team will be much fresher. I don’t know what can help the Swiss here. This is a clear outsider of the group.

Yes, the United States rested against the Slovaks, but they brought almost the best team in all recent years. The Russians will definitely have problems with them. The Swedes beat them with great difficulty 3: 0, scored the decisive puck into an empty net. Switzerland did not make such an impression.

I expect that the fresh Americans will easily beat the European team at speed, they will score a lot. The Swiss are able to score something, this is still not Austria, so I will choose the option “US victory and total over 6.5 goals.”

Austria U20 – Canada U20

Here’s a pretty simple story. The main favorite of the tournament against the absolutely weakest team in the championship. The Canadians allowed themselves to play dumb in the opening match, started with 1: 3 against the Czechs, but quickly pulled themselves together and won 6: 3. They rested yesterday. And the Austrian team went out against Finland. The Finns won 7: 1, crushing the opponent with aggression. Interestingly, Finland gave the Austrians a lot of chances to play the majority (as many as 5 attempts). And Austria took advantage of such a gift – they scored one goal. Canada is unlikely to be so generous, it will crush the opponent. If the Finns have thrown almost 50 times, you can imagine how many times they will throw “maple leaves”.

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I am almost sure that the Austrians will not score anything in this match. They shot at the Finns goal less than 10 times. And Canada, with its fans, will fly forward until the final siren. There will be no mercy. I assume that the hosts will be scored at least 10 times. I do not exclude the fact that there will be about 13 pucks, if the Canadians only want to.

Photo – Photo by Codie McLachlan / Getty Images

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