Dallas strategy

Dallas strategy

Dallas’s strategy is a simple system of making money on sports betting, based on attentive viewing of Live-broadcasts of football, tennis or basketball matches. The system requires a good knowledge of the form of athletes (teams), standings and other related factors.

The Dallas strategy, as expected, got its name from its creator Ayrat Dallas, an information businessman, entrepreneur, marketer and capper from Kazan, who, using social media groups and various strategies, guarantees profit to those players who play with him. The Dallas Strategy applies to live matches and is used in sports such as football, tennis and basketball.

Dallas Strategy - How To Apply In Sports

However, on reputable Internet resources, not everything looks so cloudless in relation to Dallas itself and its strategies. Moreover, the capper is not accused of fraud, adjusting statistics or embezzling other people’s money. The main complaint of betting fans is that Dallas strategies mislead players, guaranteeing them one hundred percent profit, but they do not at all warn betters about the possible risks that occasionally occur.

The meaning of the Dallas theory

As mentioned above, Dallas’ strategy works for live betting. In other words, your observation, attentiveness and analytical mind in the first 15-20 minutes of a particular match will determine the potential profit that you can get using the Dallas strategy. The selection of matches that fall under the strategy is carried out only by you, and this adds subjectivity to it.

Dallas Football Strategy: What It Is and How It Works

Even before the match, the bookmakers identify the favorite and the outsider in a particular confrontation, and then it’s up to you. In the first third or quarter of an hour, you will need to carefully analyze everything that happens in the match, study its statistics, understand whether the outsider of this game is as hopeless as the bookmaker imagines. Next, you need to make, perhaps, the main choice in this strategy:

  • put on total less than 1 outsider’s goal for the expectedly lower odds
  • or take a risk and bet on the absence of a goal from an outsider for a solid odds

This choice depends only on your observation and the degree of risk, which suggests that it is here that the notorious “guarantee” of this strategy can manifest itself. Agree that depending on the character of the player, his experience in betting and other personal qualities, his choice of the rate in this game may also depend.

How to play strategy in soccer games

As we said above, the Dallas strategy is most popular in football, although it is still practiced in tennis and basketball. Let’s move on to the sequential steps of the Dallas strategy in football:

  1. First, you need to find a match with a clear favorite, the odds for winning which does not exceed 1.6.
  2. We analyze the match in live mode for only two outcomes: outsider total less 1 or the outside team will not score. There are some criteria by which one can determine how strong the favorite’s press is in a match against an outsider: clear advantage of the favorite in possession of the ball (65% and above); half an hour of a match must contain no more than 5-6 dangerous attacks from an outsider; there are practically no shots on goal and on target performed by the underdog; there are practically no corner kicks at the favorite’s goal.
  3. Further, in the match selected for the strategy, we closely follow the events on the field for the first 15-20 minutes. If it is impossible to watch the match for any reason, then we use the tracker from bookmakers, which provide live statistics.
  4. If we notice the overwhelming advantage of the favorite over the outsider, then it is necessary to put “the second team will not score”.
  5. However, another option is also possible after twenty minutes of your chosen fight. Let’s say the outsider of this match is not shy about attacking, often crosses half of the field, and the statistical report only confirms that the underdog is ready to counterattack, and not just stand in his own half. In this case, you need to play another bet, namely: “the match outsider will score less than one goal”, which is also called “ITM1” (individual total is less than one).

Thus, the Dallas strategy for football implies only two betting options, which are prohibited to flirt at the same time – “the outsider will not score” or “the outsider will score less than a goal.” If you have already placed one of them based on the situation you saw in the match, and after that force majeure events occurred in it, such as the removal or injury of a key player from the favorite, then, according to the strategy, you do not need to reinsure the initial bet, but simply get sick for the initial choice.

Dallas Tennis Strategy

In this case, the bets, as in football, are made in live mode and are made on the lower totals of 10.5 and 12.5 (for tennis players with a good serve) of the third set.

However, do not forget about the observance of a number of conditions necessary for playing by strategy:

  • the chosen tennis match has a clear favorite, for the victory of which the bookmaker gives odds of no more than 1.6
  • the previous two sets were played either with two tie-breaks, or with a total of at least 24 games.
  • the third party starts with an exchange of games – 1: 1 or 2: 2.

Subject to the above conditions in the third game, it is necessary to flirt with the grassroots total, however, Dallas advises to bet only on singles, skipping the Grand Slam tournaments. Also, you should not be an outside tennis player, know the current shape of the players, tournament motivation, type of coverage and other important factors.

Dallas Basketball Strategy

In basketball, Dallas’s strategy works no worse than in football, as evidenced by the serious demand for it from betters. In this case, the strategy also works only for live bets, and we will only consider the total total. Match selection criteria are given below:

  • We find a basketball match in which the odds for the favorite to win is no more than 1.55.
  • If by the 35-36th minute (5-6th minute of the fourth quarter) of the match, the favorite is 6-10 points behind, but plans to return to the game.
  • The match can be played according to the Dallas strategy if by the specified minutes: the favorite is 6-10 points behind the outsider or the horse match on fouls (that is, the underdog team already has 4 or more fouls)
  • Now it remains for us to evaluate the total that the bookmaker gives in live mode for this match. If the total number in live differs from its original mark by 10 or more points downwards, then the match fits the Dallas strategy.
  • We bet the amount of your choice in live mode on the “total over”. We cheer for free throws and the victory of the favorite!

The secret of strategy success

It is possible to win with the Dallas strategy, but for this you need to have a certain level of competence in the analysis of the desired matches. You can long and painstakingly choose matches with the desired odds and alignment of forces, but if you cheat a little in the analysis of the match itself, you may run into trouble. Of course, no one will bother you to guess the outcome of several fights and make a short-term plus. True, we are interested in a stable income from the Dallas strategy, which can be obtained at a distance. This requires a serious analysis of matches with additional resources, verification of coefficients and full awareness of the match.

Dallas Strategy Matchmaking

Ayrat Dallas’ strategy does not work for all football matches. It is best not to flirt with the following matches for this strategy:

  • friendly fights
  • matches of youth and women’s teams
  • championship fights with high average scoring

Does the Dallas strategy work?

There is no definite answer to this question. There are examples of increasing the game bank several times, but at the same time, there are facts when players often lost with the help of the Dallas strategy and went into the red. More often than not, these pitfalls are the result of a poor ability to analyze events and possible outcomes. No matter how good and well-known the strategy is, all the same, the choice of events and matches depends on a particular person with his experience in betting, decisiveness, temperament and degree of passion. The Dallas strategy can certainly help players make money, but it must be used correctly, taking into account all the risks and potential troubles.

Experienced Player Tips for Match Selection

  • firstly, experienced players recommend flirting those fights, the broadcasts of which can be seen visually and understand whether events are actually taking place on the field, comparable to the statistics given in the tracker.
  • secondly, experienced players do not recommend playing matches in which the score at the time of the player’s entry is 4: 0 or higher. Such a comfortable result will surely make the leader relax and launch one or two goals into his own goal.
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