Damil Sharafutdinov – Vagab Vagabov: forecast and rate of Yaroslav Perkanyuk

Damil Sharafutdinov

Sharafutdinov to this day shows great promise in the world of boxing. The representative of Russia showed himself among juniors, where he repeatedly won major competitions. But lately Damil has let himself go. At the moment, 20-year-old Sharafutdinov weighs 130 kilograms (and this is given by far from the largest dimensions). Damil will make his professional debut today at the Pravda tournament.

Sharafutdinov uses various tricks in the ring. For example, it pulls opponents into a clinch and starts hitting the liver or the back of the head. Damil enters the ring with specific tactics for battle, he successfully acts both as the first number and on counterattacks. Sharafutdinov has good endurance, but one can only guess how he will feel in the weight of 130 kilograms.

Vagab Vagabov

Vagabov tried himself in boxing many years ago, however, the fighter decided to focus on MMA after the first fight. Wagab had every chance to sign a contract with a serious organization, but at the peak of his form he was behind bars. Vagabov managed to return to a high level, at the moment he is performing in AMC Fight Nights, where he demolishes everyone in his path.

Vagabov is a versatile fighter. He can cause problems both in the stand and on the ground. If we talk about the weaknesses of Wagab, then definitely not the best endurance and irascibility should be noted.


One can only guess why Sharafutdinov is approaching the fight in the weight of 130 kilograms, because this is his debut. In any case, he is an active profile boxer, which cannot be said about Vagabov. Wagab will try to keep his distance and shoot the opponent, but Sharafutdinov will not let him do this. Damil will draw closer, clinch and beat off the liver over and over again. I think Sharafutdinov will successfully debut at the professional level.

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