Danish soccer betting strategy

Danish soccer betting strategy

Professional bettors use many strategies and tactics for sports betting. One of them is the Danish soccer betting strategy. It is not known for certain why it received such a name, but it is logical to assume that it was invented in Denmark.

Danish betting strategy: what is the essence

In simple capper terms, Danish strategy is a “catch-up” betting tactic that grows in arithmetic progression. Experienced cappers note the similarity of this strategy with the Martingale strategy. The difference lies in the fact that in the Danish strategy, you need to increase not only the amount of the bet on football, but also the odds.

Danish strategy football betting

An example of a Danish strategy game:

  • the first bet is 50 rubles at a factor of 1.5;
  • the second – 100 rubles per kf. 2.0;
  • the third – 150 rubles per kf. 2.5 and so on.

The first bet should be a selection with odds of about 1.5. With each step, it needs to be increased by about 0.5. You choose the amount yourself, but it should be enough for at least 10 steps.

As soon as the bet is played, the cycle can be considered complete, you should move on to a new one. If you win, you eliminate losses and even make a profit. With medium-sized rates and an average bank, the strategy will provide a steadily growing income.

Quotes do not have to be round at all. Suppose, at the third step, a coefficient of 2.5 is needed, but no tragedy will happen if it is kf. 2.48 or 2.53.

Danish soccer strategy

Among the many soccer betting strategies, Danish figures prominently. It is convenient to apply it to this sport, because all bookmakers provide gorgeous lists for football matches. For the first steps, there is always a convenient and confident market with solid traffic: victory, total, small handicap.

If you have walked several steps, and the win has not come yet, and it is time to take risks on high quotes, there are also options in a football match: minus handicaps on the favorite, individual totals of outsiders, bets on goal authors. In addition, you can build an express bet by betting on the victories of the top teams in the leading championships (Barcelona and Real in Spain, Man City and Liverpool in England, Zenit in Russia).

Pros and cons of Danish strategy

As with any betting strategy, Danish has advantages and disadvantages. What outweighs is up to the bettor himself.


  • mathematically good potential;
  • the ability to use one bet to cover several previous losses.


  • you can reach the limitation of the maximum bet, which is set by the bookmaker, and the strategy will stall;
  • as the ratios rise, the risk and psychological uncertainty increase.

The Danish betting strategy is fine if you intend to quickly rock your bank. With long-term tactics, it can only work if the bettor chooses events wisely. However, professional tippers resort to Danish soccer betting strategies.

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