Daria Kasatkina – Eliza Mertens: forecast and rate of Yaroslav Perkanyuk

Daria Kasatkina

Kasatkina waited out an unsuccessful segment in her career and at the moment is gradually finding her game. The Russian woman has not yet managed to achieve victories at a high level, but at tournaments in the WTA 250 category, she dominates and reigns. Daria changed her style of play, now she is not only focused on defense, but tries to attack more, seize the initiative and dictate her own rules on the court. At the moment, the tennis player is ranked 26th.

Kasatkina can easily perform the most difficult blows, she makes dizzying combinations and tries to tactically outplay her opponents. In recent years, Daria has served terribly, especially with the second ball, but now the Russian woman has changed the swing and even began to serve aces. Now Kasatkina is much more confident in her games.

Eliza Mertens

Mertens had a weak last season, the tennis player made it to the final stages only a few times, but she stayed in high positions in the ranking thanks to the “frozen” points. Eliza no longer performs in tandem with Sobolenko, therefore she often changes partners and this does not reflect in the best way on the results. It is not entirely clear what is the reason for the decline of the Belgian, since she did not have any health problems.

Mertens preaches defensive tennis, she uses cut, shortened punches and in every possible way knocks down the pace of the match. The tennis player does not focus only on counterattacks and can seize the initiative in anyone, or go to the net. In recent matches, Eliza has served terribly.

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Analysis of the fight

Mertens has been struggling to find his game for months. The tennis player looks confused and makes a lot of mistakes, while in the simplest situations. Nothing of the kind can be said about Kasatkin, who confidently started the season and has already won several important victories, thanks to which she only strengthened her self-confidence. Therefore, I propose to bet on the victory of the Russians, who will be able to beat Mertens on the back line over and over again.

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