Denver – Golden State: forecast and rate. Warriors face trouble in Colorado

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After three defeats in four games, the Nuggets have successfully played the next two away games, beating the Clippers and Golden State, each time having difficulties in the second half, but unlike past matches, they still managed to resist and win. In a recent match with the Warriors, they played well in defense against Steph Curry, who scored only two points in the first half, and converted his first three-pointer at the end of the third quarter.

I must say that “Denver” is already playing almost in the fighting lineup, except for Murray and Porter, who are unlikely to appear on the floor in the near future. Yes, there will be no Gordon again, but both Greens are in the ranks, Hayland, Barton and of course Jokic, who had an excellent first game with the “warriors”. Denver will certainly be motivated for a second match with the Warriors as the last home games are a disaster. In the past six battles, Mike Malone’s team lost five times.

Golden State

“Warriors” stumbled in many respects due to the absence of Draymond Green, who is the best in defense and plays a huge role in organizing attacks. Plus, Denver had excellent protection on Curry. On the road, Steve Kerr’s team, which will again be without Green, have lost three of their last seven away battles. Andrew Wiggins is back in service, but without Draymond there could be problems again. It is also worth noting that Golden State’s victories on other people’s parquet floors are not as destructive and confident as at home, and in Denver, as you know, it is always very difficult to play.

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It is clear that the theoretical chances of “Denver” to win a second match in a row with the leader of the season are not too great, but on the other hand, “Nuggets” are playing at home, the losses are not so global, which cannot be said about the opponent. Plus, it’s time to end an unpleasant series of home failures. The leader of “Denver” continues to be in excellent shape, so the guests’ favoritism here is clearly overrated, which means it is worth taking the risk and taking a closer look at the victory of the “Nuggets” with a coefficient of 2.92. “Nuggets” are quite capable of catching on to an opponent and putting the squeeze on him for the second time.

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