Detroit – Washington: forecast and rate of Pavel Lysenkov

Hello everyone!

My name is Pavel Lysenkov, and let’s discuss the NHL regular season game Detroit vs. Washington.

First of all, as usual, I want to remind you that a lot of different content is released on the RB-Hockey channel, as well as regular forecasts for the NHL, KHL championships and national team games. As part of the program “Hockey Department” just today we discussed the cancellation of the World Youth Hockey Championship.

That’s just the match “Detroit” – “Washington” will be a kind of substitute for New Year’s Eve, when everyone was going to watch the match between the United States and Russia. Not such a bad replacement, but it’s a pity that the youth world championship was canceled. But the game of Ovechkin’s team against the legendary team, in which the “Russian five” once played, is also not bad at all.

First, Detroit is a team that has stagnated. She didn’t play for a couple of weeks. Many matches were canceled, as in the entire league. There was a Christmas break. “Washington” managed to play one game. It was an epic match. Washington won 5-3. Kuznetsov scored the winning goal, which is very important. Everyone who was ill returned to Washington. The main thing is that there are already four main center-forward. There are all the attackers, the defenders have recovered. Alekseev made his debut.

“Washington” in the fighting lineup, which, by the way, is only one point behind the leader of the season, “Tampa”. “Washington” is ringing, but “Detroit” is in the stage of restructuring. There is a young staff. There are two guys running for Rookie of the Season: Raymond and Zyder. In general, “Detroit” is still a team of a different caliber than “Washington”.

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Even without playing with totals or anything else, I think that “Washington” may well win in regulation time. For this they give 2.22. Good and symbolic odds on January 1, 2022. If you remove the zero, you get the coefficient. Here is my forecast. I believe in Washington. Watch Alexander Ovechkin, who will come to your apartments right on New Year’s Eve.

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