Detroit – Washington: forecast and rate. The away team will not lose in regulation time and Ovechkin will score

Team form

We have seen how Washington plays without some of the important hockey players for half the season, so the next retired young defender is no longer a significant loss due to being included in the covid protocol. Washington is, first of all, famous for its very team play, so fans have nothing to worry about. The Capitals recently beat Nashville 5-3 and once again convinced us of their high level.

But how “Detroit” to cope with such problems – the question. Goalkeeper Nedelkovic, as well as forwards Zadin and Fabbri, and defender Stetcher were included in the covid protocol. And it is not the result that people can influence. This will be the first game for the Red Wings since December 19th.

Not surprisingly, bookmakers see Washington as the favorite and give it a 2.12 win in regulation time, and Detroit at 3.01.

Goal bet and result

Alexander Ovechkin continues his sniper pursuit of NHL legends and in every match he has a lot of chances of an abandoned puck. Yes, the 36-year-old Russian has not scored two matches already, but in each meeting he has at least 4-6 shots on goal, he plays at least 20 minutes per match and creates many chances. Plus, Ovi has already scored against Detroit this season, and given the absence of the main goalkeeper, we can say that his chances of a goal have increased slightly.

Washington looks the same in almost any state, but now the team has already become so tempered by the game without a number of leaders that it will not experience problems due to the absence of one or two, but Detroit has yet to go that way.

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Our rate

Double outcome: Washington will not lose in regulation time, and Alexander Ovechkin will score 2.4.

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