Does it make sense to bet on a command on the go

Does it make sense to bet on a command on the go

There are many factors to consider when preparing for a match, and one of them is the current form of each team. If one of the teams has a series of victories, and the other has defeats, it is quite natural to expect that the first team will certainly win in the upcoming game. But in practice, things are a little different, and now we will tell you more about this.

How to bet on a command on the go

Is it possible to bet on a team on the go

By a team on the move, we mean a team that has won 5 or more victories in a row. Such series are not so rare and happen in different sports disciplines: football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, handball. And even more often, long series of victories can be found in individual sports: tennis, boxing, and racing.

The reasons for such successful stretches lie, first of all, in the skill of the team or athlete, but there are also secondary factors: a good calendar, poor form of competitors, luck. Yes, luck also plays a significant role in a successful series of games, because without it it is impossible to win constantly, even if you are stronger than your opponents.

And now let’s return to our example, where a team on the move, which has a winning streak behind it, and a team that has been inferior to its rivals for more than one round, meet. At first glance, it seems that the second team has no chances, it will inevitably be defeated. But in fact, it turns out that the first team is often inferior in such fights. Why does this happen?

The answer is quite simple: not everything depends on the form of the rivals alone; other factors are also important. It is necessary to take into account whether the leaders of both teams are healthy, what is the atmosphere in the dressing room, the relationship with the coach, the level of motivation, the calendar of upcoming fights and, finally, the fact that any series will end sooner or later. If you ignore any of these factors, it is easy to lose the money wagered.

That is why it is so important to analyze every match in detail and never bet at random. You cannot blindly rely on the favorite to win in the upcoming match simply because he is stronger. Equally, one cannot hope for the victory of a team that has previously won 10 matches in a row only from the logic that since it was able to win so many times before, it will do it now.

Yet seasoned players have learned to use winning streaks in their bets, even by devising specific strategies for and against the winning team. And now we will talk about this in more detail.

Team betting strategy on the go

Some players find that betting on a team on the move is very profitable and can be very profitable. This is confirmed by a protracted streak of victories or at least non-losing matches. Indeed, in different sports, there are regular winning streaks that can even total 20-30 matches. But the problem is that it is impossible to predict this in advance, just as it is impossible to calculate when this series of winnings will end. The odds for winning a consistently winning team will be low, you will have to bet large sums of money, and the very first misfire can rob you of your accumulated profit.

To make it clearer, let’s look at a specific example of a coin toss. The chances of getting heads and tails are 50%, and during 100 tosses there is a 75% chance that one of the sides will fall out 6 times in a row. And the chance that 10 times in a row there will be only “heads” or only “tails” is 10%, which is not so little. And we are considering a situation where the loss of each side has a random chance of 50%. You can clearly see that, according to the theory of probability, sufficiently long series can arise literally out of the blue.

Of course, in our situation, it is important not to forget about the skill factor, which negates the theory of probability. The strongest teams can indeed produce long winning streaks, which can be seen annually. But still, they also have misfires and it is impossible to predict them in advance. You should never ignore the luck factor, which plays a large role in the length of the winning streak. And this very luck ultimately leads us to the fact that we are too dependent on chance, which means that the strategy of betting on the team’s winning streak cannot be called successful.

Betting strategy against a team on the go

This strategy also cannot be called one of the most successful, but the chances of profit, in our opinion, are greater with it. It is silly to argue that any series has an end, and the longer it is, the sooner this very end will come. The reasons may be different: a heavy calendar, psychological fatigue, banal bad luck. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right streak for your bet. If we are talking about an outsider, everything is simple: even if he wins several matches in a row, each new victory will be given to him more and more with great difficulty, so the end of this series is inevitable in the next matches.

When it comes to a strong team, it will be more difficult to predict the end of its streak, and the degree of risk will increase. But the odds on opponents will also be higher. In this case, you will have to better prepare for the matches and analyze in more detail absolutely all the factors that can affect the final result.

You need to play this strategy “catch-up”, increasing the size of each next bet in order to recoup the previous losses and stay in the black. You must determine the amount of the first bet depending on the size of your pot and then gradually increase it until you win. Try to calculate everything so that you have enough money for a large number of bets, otherwise your bank may empty before the team loses its first match.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the form of the team has a great influence on the final result, but, in addition to this factor, there are many others that should not be forgotten. When it comes to strategy play with or against the team on the move, we would advise you to approach it with caution, because it is far from perfect.

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