“Double 12” in sports betting

“Double 12” in sports betting

What are X2, 12 and 1X bets in football: double chance strategies

Double chance bets mean that players have the opportunity to close two out of three possible outcomes for a particular game, and therefore increase the chances of winning. Double chance 12 in bets is a type of combined bet in which the bookmaker offers instead of a bet on a clear victory of one of the opponents or a draw in a match, bet on two outcomes in one bet, that is:

  • first team wins or draws 1x
  • victory of the second team or a draw х2
  • first or second team wins 12

double 12 chance in soccer betting

Examples of bets x2, 1x and 12

Suppose we got to check the double 12 chance in football at the Valencia – Real Madrid match from the Spanish Championship. The bookmaker has set the following quotes:

  • n1 – 4.45
  • X- 3.44
  • n2 – 1.87

Let’s say that, based on statistics, the “bats” perform well at home this season, but at the same time, the bet on the home win is too risky for you. In this case, we bet on 1x of the Valencian team, allowing for the option of a draw. The coefficient for such a choice is quite solid – 1.92.

If you have a persistent desire to bet on the favorites from Madrid, then playing with a double chance will also not work profitably. The odds for this is 1.22 and is worthy of either a large bet or being included in the express. The third option is to bet on the fact that there will be no draw in the match, which is also estimated not too solidly – 1.35.

As you can see, only one of the three bets is assessed with a good odds and is ready for playing as single bets. The other two are more suitable for express bets.

Where to place bets in the double outcome market?

Bookmakers accept double 12 chance bets on football in major markets. The player can easily find these betting options right after the outcomes “w1-w-w2”. Additional markets also offer combined double 12 chance betting options and various match totals. For example: 1x + total is over 2.5, x2 + total is less than 3.5.

Sports betting strategies for x2, 12 and 1x

Some players with sufficient amounts for such bets practice large bets on “double 12” options. Teams such as Juventus, Barcelona, ​​Liverpool, Bayern, Celtic or Salzburg have long home streaks without defeats in their home championships, which experienced betters are happy to use. However, it is wrong to consider such a strategy to be a win-win. You have to hit the favorite’s really long streak without losing to stay on top. Otherwise, one of them will cost you five or six successful bets on a double chance 1x.

What are the alternatives to x2 and 1x bets?

The main alternative for double chance bets is betting on opponents handicap with (0). In fact, the bet on the victory of the first team with a handicap (0) duplicates option 1x, but with rather serious nuances.

  • firstly, the coefficient for this type of bet will be an order of magnitude higher.
  • and secondly, the calculation of these rates will also differ. Using the example below, we will explain what exactly.

How the handicap (0) differs from the double chance bet

Let’s say in a conditional match you bet the first team on the handicap (0) instead of a double chance of 12. If your team wins, the full odds for this bet will be calculated, as in the case of a 1x bet. However, if your team draws, this bet will be refunded at odds of 1.0. Risking a handicap (0) or playing a more reliable bet on a double chance is like choosing between a tit and a crane – it all depends on the character, temperament and characteristics of the game in the bookmaker’s office of a particular player.

Advantages of x2, 12 and 1x bets

Double 12 odds betting in football, like any other type of wagering, has both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with the pros:

  • insurance rates. If we do not take into account the decrease in the coefficient, which we will talk about in the disadvantages of this type of bet, then a double chance of 12 allows you to minimize the risk when making a bet on the outcomes. Obviously, by playing two outcomes instead of one, you have a better chance of winning the distance in quantitative terms, which, however, does not mean increasing your bank.
  • top rates for express bets. Mightytips.ru experts definitely do not recommend playing single bets on a double chance with odds of about 1.3-1.5. But it is quite possible to make up an express train from several such positions, having insured the net victories. Two reliable double chances in a multi bet with odds close to 2.0 will allow you not to worry about bet confidence and at the same time leave a decent odds on it.

Disadvantages of x2, 12 and 1x bets

As is often the case, any type of bet or strategy has a downside to the coin. Likewise, double 12 bets in football have some unsightly aspects:

  • firstly, you significantly lose in the odds, which, perhaps, is imperceptible in one or several bets, but the distance will not affect you in your favor.
  • secondly, this type of bet is completely unsuitable for single bets. By making double expresses with odds of about 2.0, you thereby increase the risk of passing this bet. Now, instead of one match, you need the required score in two at once, which increases the likelihood of losing.

Should you bet on two out of three outcomes at the same time?

What does double 12 chance mean in bets? First of all, it is a safety net for your choice, so if you have such an uncertain position regarding a particular match, it is better to skip it altogether. Mightytips.ru experts advise novice players to be careful with double 12 chance bets, be it football or any other sport. By significantly lowering the odds, you lose money from each won bet, nevertheless, you risk the funds placed. Just think that you need to guess 4-5 outcomes with odds around 1.2-1.3 to win back one bad bet, and the option with a double chance of 12 is not as encouraging as it might seem. This type of bet is intended for express bets with a large number of positions. Playing singles with a double chance of 12, you will certainly find yourself in the red in the distance.

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