Dynamo Minsk – Metallurg Mg: forecast and bet of Maxim Lebedev

An interesting team “Magnitka”. It seems that he loses every other time, but at the same time he does not give the first place both in the East and in the league in general. Even though the first among those catching up is the most fierce enemy and hater, and at the same time a geographical neighbor. Moreover, visually it seems that Traktor plays stronger than Magnitka and wins more often, but it cannot catch up with more titled fellow countrymen.

It will not be able, even if in their last match in 2021 Magnitogorsk lost in Minsk – they have such a reserve. It is this fact that seems to me almost the main thing in the upcoming meeting. Magnitka will be calm, it has nothing to worry about and worry about. But if, say, for Spartak this is practically a verdict, then the Urals in this state are almost invincible.

As for the “bison”, they have already taken one point this season in Magnitogorsk, which in itself can be considered an achievement. They will bite into houses, since they have nowhere to go – the residents of Nizhny Novgorod are pressing down from below. Therefore, I would formulate my forecast as follows: Minsk dwellers will take something at home. Therefore, they will not lose in regulation time.

This will be enough for them.

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