Dynamo Moscow – Avtomobilist: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev

I don’t know what Avtomobilist was doing during the Europause, but judging by the result of the first match, it seemed that he trained exclusively in pubs and taverns. However, one cannot exclude a strong workload of the team with a rather late release (or maybe they have not yet released it at all), which is why the Yekaterinburg team could barely drag their legs against Barys.

But Avtomobilist is unlikely to run for the Moscow match – even if they are overloaded, they will not have time to leave. This means that there is nowhere to take any special chances against Dynamo. Moreover, they have completely forgotten how to play with the blue and white lately: in the last three matches they score at least six goals.

In general, Dynamo’s home victory, even though the blue and white lost their first match after leaving the holidays. But the Sochi people really needed it there. I suppose that the match will turn out to be quite grassroots, the total is unlikely to be higher than 5.5, and the victory of the blue-white will be one, maximum, two goals.

And even one of the plots of the magazine “Fitil” will confirm this:

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