Dynamo Riga – Avangard: forecast and bet by Maxim Lebedev

Despite the fact that the people of Riga have won the last two matches, it is premature to talk about some kind of transformation of the Latvian team, to put it mildly. Whom did the “maroon” beat? “Knight” and “Kunlun” are definitely not trendsetters in the KHL. Moreover, both residents of Riga managed to cope only outside of regular time, that is, in fact, overstraining and puffing.

And Avangard is doing fine. The current series of three victories, and among those won, for a minute, even the sole leader of the “All KHL” and the Eastern Conference. The “hawks” come to Riga as the undisputed favorite. And there is every reason to assume that all functional duties assigned to the favorite will be fulfilled with honor.

By and large, we have rivals from different hockey worlds, and even the place of the game does not really matter in this case. Avangard can only lose if, firstly, they play hockey a little, and secondly, the people of Riga jump out of their pants and turn inside out.

And since the coincidence of two such factors at the same time is possible, but still unlikely, then one thing remains: a calm, in working order, away victory of Avangard in regulation time.

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