Dynamo Riga – Dynamo Minsk: forecast and bet of Maxim Lebedev

A match that could easily have been played in the midst of the Channel One Cup. We, in the Continental League, have as many as five foreign teams, of which only one needs a Europause (and even then not always). The rest can play with each other during the Euro Hockey Tour until they are completely blue in the face. But, as is customary in Russia, there is always more respect for foreigners than for relatives, therefore both Riga and Minsk residents had the opportunity to take a breath and collect their thoughts.

What could this ultimately lead to? Both opponents do not make it into the playoff zone. But the Minskers fell out of there quite recently and, before leaving for the holidays, made a desperate attempt to return there. The residents of Riga have already forgotten what it is, and with four defeats in a row they close the Western Conference, and even Vladimir Krikunov himself, the great and terrible, cannot yet revive this hockey organism.

I suppose that we will now see the first fruits of Krikunov’s efforts. If there was a more serious team, then I would assume the opposite, that while it will have to play under increased loads. But, since the residents of Riga have nothing to lose, the preparation must have been forced, and by the end of the European pause, the residents of Krikunov should fly. And having flown, beat the Minskers in regulation time, and even with a good advantage of a couple of pucks or even more.

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