Dynamo Riga – Kunlun RS: forecast and bet by Maxim Lebedev

For the team from the Celestial Empire, this will be the third match in four days with one move. So, in order to play it decently, there must be iron people there. Or boys under twenty years old, easily recovering during eight hours of sleep. But while these guys have not come to replace the adult guys leaving for the Olympics, the residents of Riga have excellent chances to take advantage of this circumstance. I am sure that Vladimir Krikunov understands all this perfectly, and his life and coaching experience will undoubtedly tell him which pain points of “Kunlun” will most effectively push.

Taking into account the fact that the residents of Riga not only did not play three matches in four days, but in general rested for four days, such a scenario of the upcoming match emerges, in which the residents of Riga will try to roll Kunlun as much as possible in the first two periods, in order to then take the Chinese with their bare hands in third. And they should succeed. Therefore, I will predict a fairly modest predominantly in the score, perhaps even a minimal victory for the hosts, but at the same time won in regulation time.

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