Elena Rybakina – Storm Sanders: forecast and rate of Yaroslav Perkanyuk

Elena Rybakina

Rybakin stands out for its incredible potential. Last season, the tennis player improved her results, thanks to which she made her debut and strengthened her position in the top 15 of the WTA tour ranking. Elena is able to aim for more, but so far she is not able to win important matches. In key situations, Rybakina can make mistakes in series and give light points. For this reason, the tennis player has stumbled a step away from the title many times.

Rybakin stands out for his attacking potential. The tennis player has a cannon feed in her arsenal (one of the best in the WTA tour). On the back line and reception, Elena acts only with the first number, she boldly enters the court and tries to score the ball with several hits. Rybakina is competitive on both fast and viscous surfaces.

Storm Sanders

Last season, Sanders moved from the top 300 to the top 150. The Australian has repeatedly tried her hand at tournaments in the WTA category and played in the main draw. Storm is not yet ready to compete with rivals at the top 100 level, all due to the differences in action and predictable play.

Sanders tries to attack and dictate his terms from any position on the court. The Australian is capable of scoring goals from both the forehand and the backhand. A key aspect of Storm’s game is serving, with which she scores a lot of easy points, often goes to the net and dominates her games.

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Analysis of the fight

Sanders will find it difficult to compete in attacking potential with Rybakina, who surpasses the Australian in every aspect of the game. But it should be noted that Storm was preparing for the season on these courts and she does not need to adapt to hot weather like Rybakina. I expect Sanders to fight and win with a handicap (+6).

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