“Empoli” – “Milan”: prediction and rate of Denis Nalivaiko

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You are on the “Bookmaker Rating” channel. Today we are talking about the Italian Serie A. Empoli is playing against Milan. In Italy, midwick, one of the last matches of this calendar year. If the New Year holidays are ahead, we ask you to make us a gift and subscribe to the channel, write a comment and like.

Let’s go back to the match. These two teams have played very different games lately. “Empoli” is now on the move, the team is pursuing a successful streak. The team has won three times and drew twice in the last six matches.

Milan have the opposite: two defeats and two draws in their last four games. Plus, the team has a large number of injured people. If you look at the players who are now in the infirmary, you will see a very good team. The leaders are also traumatized. In any case, Milan will play to win.

“Milan” must return to the race for the championship. Many do not believe in Milan and are confident that he will be eliminated from the Liga Four. I do not think so. They often say this about Pioli’s team, but they still finish well.

As for this particular match, I think that anything can be here. I would not play for the result, I would not look for a victory for Milan, because Empoli is a nice team.

I would suggest playing here for yellow cards. Why? Because this game is served by the team of Marco Di Bello. On average, he shows about five yellow cards. Considering that this is a mid-game, the teams will get tired and there will be mistakes, and, consequently, violations.

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I offer total over 4 yellow cards. I love these even numbers so that there is a possibility of expenditure. TB (4) LCD for 1.75. Quite a good coefficient. I don’t think this is a risky bet.

Write in the comments what you think about this bet and what you are going to bet yourself. Happy New Year to everyone.

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