Express for the 19th round of the Premier League by trends with a coefficient of 4.57

The analysis is carried out on the last ten games of the teams.

Newcastle United – Manchester United 27.12.21 23:00 (MSK)

Newcastle’s defense is so awful that even Norwich have conceded fewer goals, by as much as seven goals. 41 goals have already flown into the gate of “forty”, and the first round has not ended yet. At the same time, the team has only one victory and a proud nineteenth place, nevertheless, Newcastle scores more than the Canaries. According to this indicator, black and white are tied for 14-16th place – not so bad. What can I say if the Magpies managed to excel even at Anfield.

But Man United under Rangnick held three meetings, all of which ended with a total of less than 2.5. The “devils” conceded only one goal, scored three. If you watch personal meetings, you will find an interesting trend for total over 1.5 after the break – 7 out of 10. Newcastle may well hold out until the second half without any missed goals. In the last ten first halves, the forty rivals have scored eight goals.

  • TB (1.5) in the 2nd half – 1.83

Aston Villa – Chelsea 26/12/21 20:30 (MSK)

“Aston Villa” climbed to the tenth line, although Stevie G. hosted the Birmingham with five consecutive defeats in the championship. The Englishman managed to establish, first of all, the defense: under him the team conceded five goals in six meetings, that is, less than one per match. In the second half, the Villans scored two goals in the same segment.

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Londoners failed to win the championship against Wolverhampton and Everton. But in the League Cup with a mixed squad, Brentford won. In their last eight head-to-head meetings, Chelsea have scored at least one second-half goal. Gerrard, of course, has established a defense, but at least once Chelsea are quite capable of excelling.

  • ITB2 (1.5) – 1.88.
  • ITB2 (0.5) in the 2nd half – 1.58.

Manchester City – Leicester 26/12/21 18:00 (MSK)

Leicester are in ninth place and have been performing poorly this season. Yes, at the very beginning they beat Man City in the Super Cup match, but then everything fell apart. To all the troubles was added the League of Conferences, where the “foxes” have failed from the League of Europe. “Citizens” have eight victories in the Premier League in a row and single-handedly lead the standings.

Now to the trends: all of them are not in favor of the owners, despite all the apparent power of Guardiola’s team. City have played two games against Leicester this season. In addition to the defeat for the Community Shield, there was also a game in the championship, where the “townspeople” won with a score of 1: 0. Not everything is so clear, the guests can resist and at least not lose outright the second half.

  • TM (3.5) – 1.86.
  • Away (+2.5) – 1.65.
  • ITM1 (2.5) – 2.10.
  • ITM1 (1.5) in the 1st half – 1.49.
  • ITM1 (1.5) in the 2nd half – 1.84.
  • Away (+1.5) in the 2nd half – 1.58.

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