Express sports – what does it mean in simple words?

Express sports – what does it mean in simple words?

Professionals have long proven that “express” bets are far from being the most profitable investment of money in order to increase them in bookmakers. However, as you know, a person by nature is a very greedy creation, which is proved by hundreds of thousands of express trains made by players in all sorts of variations in order to beat the bookmaker by a tidy sum, however, only a small percentage of lovers of “steam locomotives” expect the final success.

How to win in express trains?

Express bet

An express bet is a combined bet made up of several positions (from two to infinity), in which the loss of one of them means the loss of the entire bet. In order for the express train to “reach” (a word from the players’ slang) successfully, it is necessary to win for each of its constituent positions. Express can be profitable even when one of its choices is calculated as a return. In such cases, the coefficient for this event is equal to one, and therefore the total figure for a particular “steam locomotive” will not increase.

How to calculate the odds in the “express”

This type of bet fascinates players due to the opportunity to win a big jackpot on seemingly absolutely real outcomes on sporting events. Well, tell me honestly, do any of you have a desire to bet even a small amount of money on the victory of the Russian team in the Champions League for a coefficient of, say, 50.0? How strong is your hope of winning with this bet? We assume that it will be close to zero. On the other hand, express trains attract players by the fact that the same coefficient of 50.0 can be made up of quite adequate positions for the same Champions League. Seven-eight picks with odds 1.7-1.8, and your multi bet with odds close to 50.0 is ready! How we got such a figure, let’s calculate by example:

Let’s say you decided to make an express train from the following positions:

  • Liverpool – Watford Handicap 1 (-2) 1.8
  • Burnley – Newcastle x2 1.75
  • Manchester United – Everton Both To Score 1.74
  • Real Sociedad – Barcelona v2 1.65
  • Atlético – Osasuna 1 (-1) 1.73
  • Hertha BSC – Freiburg Total Over 2.5 1.8
  • Fiorentina – Inter 2 (0) 1.7

Now let’s find out the total coefficient of the express by multiplying each of them:

1.8 * 1.75 * 1.74 * 1.65 * 1.73 * 1.8 * 1.7 = 47.8

Thus, betting on seven fairly realistic outcomes of football matches, we got a coefficient comparable to that in which the victory of the Russian team in the Champions League is estimated. Now it becomes clear why express trains are so popular among players, especially beginners.

Suppose that we will allocate 1000 rubles for this express, which means a potential gain of 46800 rubles net: 1000 * 47.8 = 47800-100 = 46800.

With one bet, we multiplied our bank almost 47 times! Few would refuse such an opportunity, you must agree. And now let’s calculate the winning amount for single bets on each of the positions of the above express:

  • Liverpool – Watford Handicap 1 (-2) 1.8 * 1000 = 1800 (+800)
  • Burnley – Newcastle x2 1.75 * 1000 = 1750 (+750)
  • Manchester United – Everton both will score 1.74 * 1000 = 1740 (+740)
  • Real Sociedad – Barcelona n2 1.65 * 1000 = 1650 (+650)
  • Atletico – Osasuna 1 (-1) 1.73 * 1000 = 1730 (+730)
  • Hertha – Freiburg total over 2.5 1.8 * 1000 = 1800 (+800)
  • Fiorentina – Inter 2 (0) 1.7 * 1000 = 1700 (+700)

In total, we have a net gain: 800 + 750 + 740 + 650 + 730 + 800 + 700 = 5170

It turns out that the difference between the net profit from the outcomes, made in the express, and the same outcomes, set in single orders, differs by almost 9 times !!! It becomes doubly clear why most players prefer this type of bet. However, in reality, everything turns out not as easy as described in the example. From the point of view of mathematics, it is absolutely unprofitable to place express bets. When you happily multiply the coefficients, you should remember that the probabilities of hitting the target are also multiplied and not in your favor. Too many coincidences must occur for even such an express, which is given above, to enter with a minimum number of returns. Errors of referees, injuries of players, relationships between teams – this and much more affects the final result of even one of the above positions. And when there are seven of them … The probability of winning is significantly reduced.

Obviously, many of you have often heard the saying “again one position has not passed”. Many players still live in this state of “one position”, when either justifying themselves or proud that the other five positions have entered, they announce to everyone about the fish that got off the hook in the form of an express with a high coefficient. Obviously, the bank of such notorious lovers of long “towels”, as the express trains are also called, in the distance minus until the player either loses to zero, or comes to the conclusion that the single bets, although they bring less profit from one particular bet, but at a distance they give an advantage over the bookmaker.

Limitations on “Express” bets

The most important limitation that bookmakers set for all fans of “express” bets is the impossibility of including several outcomes tied to one position in one “train”. Simply put, the bookmaker prohibits placing a bet on “total over 2.5” and “both will score” on the same match in one express. These rates, in fact, duplicate each other, which is why the bookmaker, as expected, refuses to overpay to the players. At the same time, if you have a desire (anything can happen) to place even mutually exclusive bets on one position on one express (for example, a victory of one of the opponents and a draw), then the system will refuse you to accept this absurd bet.

Each bookmaker has its own restrictions on the compilation of express bets. It is pointless to give them, because these prohibitions are quite changeable and differ from bookmaker to bookmaker. Here are the most common restrictions:

  • limitations on statistical indicators. Many bookmakers either prohibit the inclusion of statistics in express bets, or restrict it. How? For example, you will be prohibited from placing bets on shots on target and shots on goal or bets on fouls and yellow cards in the express bet. Some bookmakers still prohibit the inclusion in one express bets on match outcomes and statistics on it.
  • restrictions on the inclusion of prematch bets and live bets in express bets. Some bookmakers allow such express bets, some initially prohibit it.
  • restrictions on the inclusion of express bets on long-term events. You will not be able to take the three victories of the Russians in the group at Euro 2020 on the express train, and at the same time the bet on “Russia’s exit from the first place from the group.” Such combinations are strictly prohibited in the vast majority of bookmakers.

The experienced team of encourages players to wisely use multiples as bets on sports events. We advise you to consider large express bets of 5-10 positions as a kind of lottery. If you want to take part in a bet in a variety of matches, if you have a fairly confident position for each of them, in your opinion, place one express with a high odds and allocate the minimum amount from your bank to it. Consider it as a game of Sportloto, but not as a way to make money. Remember that making lots of daily express trains is a gambling addiction. Play smart and don’t forget about the laws of mathematics!

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