Fantastic Five – CIS Rejects: prediction and bet by Dmitry “Mortalles” Arzhilovsky

A walkthrough match for CIS Rejects and the last chance to grab the playoffs for Fantastic Five. It is not particularly important with what mood the star team approaches the match, such an opponent must be beaten with almost closed eyes. Even with a guaranteed playoff slot. So far, Fantastic Five only beats teams from the open qualifiers. A couple of days ago, it was possible to take into account the victory over Gambit in the DPC, but the toothless game of the latter against Winstrike put everything in its place. Gambit has yet to find its own game, and in this state anyone can beat them, even the Fantastic Five.

There is no point in playing anything other than a dry win, CIS Rejects. F5 is not a team where you can play their map.

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