Favorite Basketball Quarter Betting

Favorite Basketball Quarter Betting

Basketball bets on a quarter on a favorite are very popular among many players. If you do everything right, you can make a good profit on them. But this is when you understand the essence of betting, basketball and use an effective strategy. Without all this, the bettor has little chance in the game against the bookmaker’s office. We will tell you about how the bets on the victory of the favorite in basketball are arranged in our article.

Basketball - Quarter Betting on Favorite

Basic principles of the strategy

Betting on the favorite in basketball is not the most difficult strategy that any player can figure out. Its basic principles are as follows:

  1. It is not necessary to consider the matches of low-popular championships;
  2. It is better to leave aside games where the favorite does not need a victory;
  3. We choose a match with a clear favorite and an outsider, preferably on the home arena of a stronger team;
  4. We bet either on a clear victory of the favorite in the first quarter, or on a win with a small handicap (-1.5; – 2.5);
  5. After the victory, we proceed to the next match;
  6. In case of a loss, we bet on the next quarter, increasing the bet amount enough to win back the lost money and get a win;
  7. If the favorite lost in the second quarter, it is important to understand why this happened. Sometimes it is better to give up bets on the 3rd and 4th quarters altogether in this match.

The main pros and cons of the strategy

Betting on the favorite in basketball has advantages and disadvantages, which are best known in advance.

Main advantages:

  • Simplicity of the strategy, suitable even for beginners;
  • A large number of matches suitable for betting;
  • With the right approach, there are high chances of success.

Main disadvantages:

  • With a prolonged series of failures, you can quickly lose the pot;
  • It is imperative to watch the match live in order to know its course and understand why such a result is obtained;
  • Low Benefit: A cycle of wins will yield a profit of 1–2% of the pot, a cycle of failure will result in a loss of 10% of the pot.

Like any catch-up strategy, quarter-on-favorite basketball betting is dangerous for lazy players who don’t pay enough attention to theory. In order to consistently remain in the black, a lot is required from the bettor: to study the basics of sports betting, to understand well how the catch-up works, to understand the intricacies of basketball, to find a bookmaker with a low margin, to carefully prepare for each match and always keep a sober head. Only in this case, you can make a profit at a distance using the catch-up.

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