Features of interactive bets in simple words

Features of interactive bets in simple words

Interactive bets – this is a bet that players make on the Internet without visiting ground collection points. Rather, it is a legal term needed to describe the sports betting process. In real life, rarely does anyone use the phrase “interactive bets”, more often simpler synonyms are used: bet on the Internet, bet in a bookmaker, bet online.

Interactive sports betting

How interactive bets appeared

In 2020, betting on the Internet will surprise no one, and every year their popularity only increases. And although many bettors still like to visit the teaching staff, their number is gradually decreasing. Few remember, but until 2014, online betting was banned in Russia, and they were offered by offshore bookmakers. Bookmakers licensed in Russia operated only through ground-based PPPs, the electronic betting option was not available.

But, based on the popularity of internet betting, the country’s authorities decided to legalize them in order to protect the interests of citizens who continued to play in offshore bookmakers using VPNs and mirrors. The players were in no way protected against possible arbitrariness on the part of the bookmaker, and the money was flowing abroad. As a result, the following means of solving this problem appeared: licensed Russian bookmakers became an alternative to illegal bookmakers.

The law on the legalization of online betting was passed in 2014, and its mandatory condition was control by the state. After the approval of this law, words that are incomprehensible to many appeared in Russian betting: interactive bet, identification, CUPIS. We will now provide a translation of these words into an understandable language.

TsUPIS (center for accounting of translations of interactive rates) – an intermediary between the bookmaker and the player, the state controlling body that protects the interests of both parties.

Interactive bet – this is virtual or real money that a player transfers to a bookmaker through MCCIS in order to be able to place bets online on the site.

Identification – This is the verification of the player’s identity, which is necessary for everyone who wants to play in an official bookmaker’s office.

Where are interactive bets accepted?

If a bookmaker wants to accept online bets on the territory of the Russian Federation, it must:

  1. Be connected to the center of accounting for translations of interactive rates (CUPIS);
  2. Have a license from the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation;
  3. Be a part of a self-regulatory organization of bookmakers (SRO).

And now we present to your attention a list of bookmakers that meet the above requirements and offer Russians interactive bets:

  • 1xBet;
  • Pari-match;
  • Fonbet;
  • Vinline;
  • Marathon;
  • Betcity;
  • League of Betting;
  • Leon;
  • Melbet;
  • Baltbet;
  • Bingo Boom;
  • Bwin;
  • Tennis;
  • 888 ru;
  • Greenbet;
  • Olympus;
  • Mostbet;
  • Zenith;
  • Vulcanbet.

Advantages and disadvantages of interactive betting

As with any innovation, bettors greeted interactive bets with caution and conflicting reviews. In turn, we tried to look at this from the point of view of the average player.

The main advantages of interactive betting

Legal opportunity to play over the Internet

Previously, Russians had only two options to choose from: to play in land-based clubs or illegally via the Internet. But betting points are far from being in all cities, and there is not always time to visit them. You had to play online in offshore bookmakers at your own peril and risk. Firstly, at any time, the bookmaker’s site on which you bet could be blocked, and secondly, a foreign bookmaker could “throw” a player with impunity. With the emergence of a legal opportunity to place bets online, Russians now need not be afraid for the safety of virtual money in their account. In this regard, the money issue was closed.

Greater reliability

Of course, no one is insured against losing money, and negative reviews about licensed bookmakers show us that not everything is so cloudless. Nevertheless, the fact that the activities of bookmakers in Russia are controlled by law inspires optimism. Players have rights and, if they are violated, they can turn to higher authorities for help. Playing in offshore bookmakers forces you to completely trust the honesty of the bookmaker and hope for his justice. But, if he decides the issue in his favor, there will be no one to turn to for help. We do not keep track of how many times players have been cheated, but there are many such cases.

Greater safety

This point has something in common with the higher one, but there are differences. If above we talked about the reliability of the bookmaker and compared the game in licensed and unlicensed bookmakers, then here we will talk about what happens if the bookmaker in which you bet unexpectedly declares itself bankrupt or closes altogether without any statements. Just imagine the situation: you are successfully playing in an offshore bookmaker, and one “fine” day you go to its website and see that it is not available.

Having rummaged on the Internet, you find that this problem is not only you, and you will not be able to wait for its solution, because the owners of the bookmaker just fled with all the players’ money, stopping accepting bets and paying out winnings. And there is nothing you can do in such a situation. But when playing in licensed Russian bookmaker offices, you can not be afraid of their unexpected bankruptcy, because for such cases there is a special insurance fund that will reimburse bettors all funds.

The main disadvantages of interactive betting

Tedious identification process

To play in a licensed Russian bookmaker office, it is not enough just to register on the site and replenish your account. The player will still need to go through the identification process, where in most cases his personal presence is required. There is nothing complicated there, but this process is slow and not very convenient. To complete the identification, the player needs to personally show up with a passport to one of the bookmaker’s checkpoints, where he is going to play, or to go to the Euroset communications salon. The only consolation is that this will only have to be done once, and subsequent registration in other licensed bookmakers will be possible taking into account the identity verification that has already been passed.

Winnings tax

This is perhaps the only real drawback when playing in a licensed bookmaker’s office. All players who officially place bets are forced to transfer the tax on winnings in the amount of 13% to the state. In fact, this is a common practice for any modern country, the problem for many is only that it is too unusual for them. Indeed, playing in offshore bookmakers, Russians did not know what taxation was. But you need to understand that the tax on winnings is a prerequisite, which in return provides protection from the state. As practice shows, it is worth it.

It is impossible to say unequivocally whether interactive betting is good or bad for Russian betting. One thing is certain: they exist and must be reckoned with. If you want to play legally, you need to do it in a licensed bookmaker with all the ensuing obligations. If you absolutely do not accept this, there are offshore BC and VPN mirrors that allow you to bypass the blocking. But you will do this at your own peril and risk.

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