Field hockey betting: features and effective strategies

Field hockey betting: features and effective strategies

Hockey has several varieties, which are largely due to weather conditions. If ice hockey is the main thing in Russia or Canada, then in Australia or, for example, the Netherlands, field hockey will be in the first place and bets on it are more popular in these countries.

Field hockey - how to beat the line

In Russia, this sport is also known, but in a narrow circle of connoisseurs. There are few teams, there are few tournaments, bets, including online ones, are not accepted in all bookmakers. But this can and should be used, and how exactly, we will tell you further.

When field hockey appeared

First, I would like to talk a little about the history of the emergence of this, as it turned out, middle-aged sport. The first official field hockey match was played at the end of the 19th century, and it appeared at the Olympics in 1908. The World Field Hockey Championship for men has been held since 1971, and for women since 1974. Unlike ice hockey, where teams play at the World Cup every year, here the main competition is held every 4 years, like in football. Until the early 90s, teams from India and Pakistan most often became the winners, but then their hegemony was interrupted by the national teams of Australia, the Netherlands, Germany and Argentina.

Fundamental rules

Field hockey is played by two teams of 11 people each. Players play on real or artificial turf without protective gear in shorts, jersey, gaiters and boots. The clubs have curved ends to make it easier to dribble and pass the ball through the air. The game shell itself is quite heavy and made of ivory.

The size of the field of play is similar to that of a football pitch (approximately 100 meters long and 55 meters wide), which gives players room to maneuver. But the markings on the field are like ice hockey: three parallel stripes at an equal distance in the central area and semicircles in the goal area. The radius of the latter is about 15 m. The gate is 2.2 m wide and 3.7 m long.

Depending on the regulations, the match is divided either into two halves of 35 minutes each, or into 4 quarters of 17 minutes each. The deletions are also a different story: they are a mixture of hockey and football. As a punishment, the referee presents to the offending player one of three cards: green, yellow, red. Depending on the rules of the competition, they imply warnings or deletions.

A warning or a 2 minute suspension may be issued for a green card. For a yellow card, the referee can send him off the field for 2 or 5 minutes. For a red card, a player is always penalized by sending off until the end of the match.

Due to the large size of the field and the high speed of play, field hockey teams score more goals than in regular football. It is also worth noting separately the importance of standards and especially corners, from which a lot of goals are scored.

What outcomes can you bet on?

Since this is not the most popular sporting event, you will not find a huge number of betting options in the list, even for top matches. Bets are mostly accepted before the match, but sometimes Live is also available. The line contains the main outcomes, and now we will tell you which of them you can choose.

One of the teams wins or draws. These are the most popular outcomes for any sport, and they are, of course, listed in field hockey bets. By the way, unlike ice hockey, draws are possible here, and they happen quite often.

Total. Another popular type of bets that can be accepted both for the entire match and for a separate half. As we wrote above, teams usually show high performance, scoring an average of 4-5 goals per match.

Handicap. This is an equally common bet that often occurs in matches between teams of different classes. Handicap or handicap is the initial lag of the favorite or the advantage of the outsider.

Long-term rates. Everything is simple here: for the largest tournaments, bookmakers usually provide players with the opportunity to make a prediction about the winner in advance. Such a coupon can be drawn up both before the start of the competition and during them.

The main factors for a successful game

Of course, before betting on this sport, you need to thoroughly understand it. To do this, you must not only learn the rules of the game and watch a dozen matches, but also constantly follow the news of both teams and individual players. The better you understand the sports discipline you are betting on, the better your chances of success.

  1. As for the nuances of field hockey, matches in this sport often end with an advantage of one of the teams of only 1-2 goals, defeats happen only in matches between teams of different classes. Draws are more common than in football.
  2. Unlike ordinary hockey, where each team is on the ice at the same time there are 5 field players and a goalkeeper, in field hockey there are 10 field players and a goalkeeper in the team, which means that chemistry, the form of all players and their condition becomes even more important between them.
  3. Teams’ style of play also plays a key role in the bottom line. Always pay attention to how the team is building the game. Some prefer to play actively as the first number, others, on the contrary, from defense on counterattacks. Less established teams with a strong head coach are more likely to succeed than star teams with a poor coach.
  4. Always carefully study the statistics of each team, especially its recent matches. If the rivals have previously played with each other, pay special attention to these meetings, because each of the teams has uncomfortable rivals with whom the game is more difficult than the others.
  5. Do not forget about the weather conditions, because matches are played in open areas, which means that the weather can significantly affect the course of the game.
  6. You need to make sure that the favorite has sufficient motivation for the upcoming game. Perhaps, for them, the sports result does not matter, which means that the coach can release a second squad, or the leaders will simply play carelessly.

There are other factors to look out for when preparing for matches. Gradually gaining experience, you yourself will understand what you need to study before playing.

Effective strategies

If you are going to bet on field hockey, you should not forget about its specifics. We have already mentioned this, so we will not repeat ourselves once again. Let’s just say that for a successful game, it is advisable to have accounts in several bookmakers, since the odds for the same outcomes can differ significantly, and this is important when looking for value bets.

In field hockey, draw bets look promising. As we have already said, this outcome is not uncommon, and the odds for it are high (usually from 4 to 6). If you can find values ​​and bet on them flat, then you can make money from this. It is enough to pass every 3-4 bets to consistently remain a winner.

Total bets are also very popular among experienced players. But they should not be done blindly, but based on the statistics of the teams in the current season after at least 10 matches played. Then you will have a roughly clear picture of the performance of each of the teams and all that remains is to find suitable pairs, in which the opponents will have at least 60% of the top or vice versa of the grassroots matches.

In general, due to its low popularity in Russia, field hockey does not yet have any special game strategies. This can and should be used, because you yourself can find a profitable strategy and stick to it. If in ordinary hockey it is difficult to surprise the bookmaker with something, then here it can be done without difficulty. All you need is the desire to develop and improve, and then, with a little bit of luck, victories will come.

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