Finland U20 – Czech Republic U20: forecast and bet by Maxim Lebedev

I don’t know how the Finns earned themselves an almost ideal group tournament calendar at the MFM, in which they go from simple to difficult, ending the tournament with a match against the Canadians. The Finns have already warmed up on the Germans and Austrians, they did not meet particularly fierce resistance, although the rivals jumped out of their pants both times. Now the eternally promising Czech Republic will jump out, I’m only afraid that the result will not be much better than that of the previous rivals of the Finns.

I must say that the Finns in general make a very good impression. I would say a complete impression. In principle, they have no weak points in any of the lines. Of course, these weak points will appear in the match with the founders, they cannot but appear, but teams from another “weight category” cannot find them. We can only hope for a chance and for a set game in the numerical majority, but at the youth level this is generally a problem.

I suppose that in the match for not getting into third place, the Finns will still beat the Czechs, and they will do it in regulation time. I don’t think the difference in the score will be big, it’s good if the Finns come off a couple of goals. But – they will win, there is no doubt about that.

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