Finland U20 – Germany U20: forecast and bet by Maxim Lebedev

I, of course, respect the German national team as a finalist of the previous Olympics, who drank all the blood of our team. But all the same, I do not respect her to such an extent as to consider her youth version capable of similar feats. I suppose that the Germans will have a sharp showdown with the Austrians for the fourth place in the group, and it is far from certain that the Germans will win in these showdowns.

As for the Finns, they are simply head and shoulders above their German peers, which is proved by the results, having won all five of the five “in-betweens” that have happened at the youth world championships since 2009, that is, since the time when the Germans came here regularly fall.

All this together allows me, without any grain of doubt, to suppose the Finns as not just winners in the opening match of the MFM, but convincing winners. They will not just crawl away from the Germans in one puck, but fill the Junge Bundesmanschaft with a full string bag, winning with a difference of three goals or more. And even more likely, even though the Germans add every year at all levels and at all ages.

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