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Fixing Errors: Canon MP240, MP250, MP260, MP270, MP280

This article discusses the errors that users of Canon MP240, MP250, MP260, MP270, MP280 printers may encounter. Some codes are informational in nature and are easily eliminated by the user. We strongly recommend not to try to restore the operation of the device on your own if you do not have the knowledge and practical experience.

In Canon MP250, MP280 printers, errors appear on the segment display, where the code characters alternately change. For example, in the Canon MP280, the E08 error is displayed as follows:

  • E;
  • 0;
  • 8.

Symbols are replaced alternately. The PC monitor displays a driver code, and a brief description of the printer is connected to your computer. For example, the code E08 on your computer is reflected as error 1700. The popular error 5200 on the Canon MP280 looks on the display as P08, etc.

Canon MP240, MP250, MP260, MP270, MP280 Type “E” Printer Errors

Displayed on the printer displayDriver code on the PC screenDescription and solution
Error code [E02]1000No paper. Follow these steps:
1. Check for paper in the tray.
2. Plow the stack of sheets and try again.
3. Sometimes, the printer doesn’t grab the paper. In this case, full maintenance of the device and the replacement of worn parts are required.
Error [E03]1300The printer freezes the paper. What to do:
1. Open the receiving tray if it has been closed.
2. Open the lid and remove the jammed page.
3. Check for foreign objects.
4. If the code is repeated, a full printer diagnosis is required – call the wizard.
Error [E04]1687The device cannot recognize the cartridge. Actions:
1. Verify that the cartridge is installed correctly. Take it out and insert it until the characteristic click.
2. Wipe the chip and contacts on the carriage.
3. Replace the faulty cartridge.
[E05]1401 (cartridge missing);
1403 (consumable overheated);
1485 (compatibility error).
In Canon MP250, MP280 printers, the E05 error is related to the cartridge. Error E05 Canon MP280, how to fix:
1. Remove the cartridge.
2. Wipe the contacts and set them in place.
3. Make sure a compatible consumable is installed. Try installing the cartridges one at a time to pinpoint the problem cartridge. If cleaning the contact pad does not help, we recommend buying a cartridge for the printer and replacing it.
Code [E07]1487/1486Cartridges are not installed in their places.
1. Swap consumables.
2. If that doesn’t work, replace them.
Message [E08]1700Canon MP280, 240, 250 printer errors indicate that the absorber/diaper is 95% full
1. Press [Cancel/Resume] to reset the Canon MP280.
2. When the diaper value reaches 100%, the printer will stop working. It would be best if you changed the absorber. To do this, you can contact our service center. The issue with replacing the diaper will help to solve the installation of SNPCH on an inkjet printer.
Information message [E09]2001The code indicates that the device does not support work with the connected camera or a time-out shutdown. Recommended actions:
1. Disconnect and connect the device via USB.
2. Check the USB cord.
3. Make sure your hardware supports the PictBridge standard.
Error [E13] or [E16]1686On MP240, MP270, MP280 MP250 errors indicate that it is impossible to determine the ink level.
1. Maybe it’s time to refill the cartridges.
2. Press the [Stop/Reset] button (orange triangle) for 5 seconds to reset the message.
Codes [E14] and [E15]1684/1682Compatible cartridge error.

This is where the errors of the Canon MP250 printer, which the user can fix on his own, end.

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Errors of Canon MP240, MP250, MP260, MP270, MP280 printers of type “P”

Below are the problems of the Canon MP280 printer, which can be eliminated only in the service center. We strongly recommend that you do not try to resolve the error code yourself. Entrust it to professionals.

Error on the displayDriver codeMeaning and solution
[P02]5100Problems with carriage movement. Error 5200 Canon MP280 how to fix: call the service and call the wizard.
Code [P03]6000The printer cannot stretch the paper. We need diagnostics and repairs.
[P06]5400The sensor detects too high a temperature. Overheating. It is necessary to wait 20-30 minutes and continue working. If this does not help, a complete diagnosis and repair are required.
Code [P07]5B01The absorber is 100% full. In Canon 280, errors of this type are eliminated by replacing the diaper.
Messages [P09][P10][P15]6800, B200, 9000In 90% of cases, the code indicates a breakdown in the management module.
[P20]6500Hardware error. During self-diagnosis, the device could not diagnose the place of breakdown.
Code [P22]5010The system identified a fault in the scanner node.

To quickly troubleshoot the problem and reset the error code, contact the specialists for help. 

Canon MP250/260/MP270/MP280 Error Fads

✅ Error E03 Canon MP280 – How to Fix?

Broaching error. It is required to remove foreign objects that interfere with the passage of paper. In rare cases, the code is the cause of contamination of the paper sensor. Cleaning of nodes is necessary.

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✅ Canon MP250 Error E05 – How To Fix?

Try resetting the error by pressing the [STOP] and [RESET] buttons for 10 seconds. If the code reappears, clear the cartridge’s contact pad. In extreme cases, replace the consumable.

⏳ How long does it take to repair at the service center?

Diagnosis takes from 10 minutes to 2 hours. Repairs last several hours. If there are no suitable parts in stock, the repair period increases from 1 to 3 days.

💰 How much does it cost to repair Canon INkjet printers MP240, MP250, MP260, MP270, MP280?

From $10.

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