Florida – Rangers: forecast and rate of Pavel Lysenkov

Center forward Alexander Barkov should return to Florida in this match. This is the best player on the team, and he missed hockey, he must definitely strengthen the Panthers.

Florida itself had a rest for two weeks, because four matches were postponed at once due to covid. Actually, there were players in the southern club who passed positive tests. The team is leaving the quarantine.

And in three games in December, Florida was in a fever: 7-4 against Buffalo, but 2-3 in Denver and 2-8 at home from Ottawa. The last result on their site is just a shame.

The Rangers rested for 11 days and had two matches postponed. Prior to that, New Yorkers have won only once in the last five games. But this is also due to the fact that the Rangers’ main goalkeeper Igor Shesterkin was injured. I won’t be surprised, by the way, if he comes back in this fight.

In this match, I would have taken the odds of 1.88 for the fact that the Rangers will hit an individual total of 2.5, that is, they will score from three goals. Actually, I expect that we will see spectacular sharp-attacking hockey.

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