Forecast for Sudan – Guinea-Bissau on January 11, 2022

On Tuesday, January 11, the Sudanese national team will play against the Guinea-Bissau national team at the Omnisport Road Adija stadium. The start of the match is scheduled for 22:00 Moscow time. This will be the second game of the first round of the group stage in Quartet D. Three hours earlier, the national teams of Egypt and Nigeria will play against each other.


Sudan: before the match

The Sudan national team cannot boast of a strong line-up and is the main outsider of Group D. European viewers can hardly name at least one player of this national team, because almost all of them play in local clubs. Moreover, the very fact of Sudan’s entry into the African Cup can be called a miracle. The team managed to bypass the South African national team at the last moment thanks to the victory over the strong Ghana national team.

True, the French coach Uber Velud, who achieved such success, is no longer in this post. His place was taken by local specialist Burkhan Tia. Under his leadership, the team seriously rejuvenated the roster and drew twice in friendly matches. It is difficult to predict how the current tournament will develop for the Sudanese national team, but the last place in the group seems to be the most likely scenario.

The team welcomes 2022 with enthusiasm.

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Guinea-Bissau: before the match

The Guinea-Bissau national team has made a quantum leap in development over the past 10 years and has become a stable participant in the African Cup. The main creator of success can be called mentor Basiru Kande, who has been working with the national team for many years. He led the team to three African Cups in a row.

This is not to say that the last selection was easy for Guinea-Bissau. The team, in a desperate struggle for second place in the group, managed to overtake the Congo-Brazzaville national team at the last moment. But the first place was confidently taken by the national team of Senegal. It is the Basiru Kande team that should compete with the two favorites of the group, Nigeria and Egypt.

By the way, the captain of the Nigeria national team, William Trost-Ekong, made a loud statement on the eve of the start of the tournament:

The African Cup should be treated with great respect. This tournament is on the same level as the World Cup, Euro, America’s Cup.

The coach pins his main hopes on the team’s main star – the French Troyes midfielder Mama Baldet.

Mom Balde instagram

Sudan – Guinea-Bissau: where to watch the match

It will be possible to watch this game live on one of the Match channels. The text broadcast will be carried out by the portal

Odds and odds

  1. The Guinea-Bissau national team is the favorite of the match. You can bet on her victory for a coefficient of 2.1.
  2. Most likely, the game will not be very effective. You can bet on total less than 2 for 1.75.
  3. Mom Balde is the main star of Guinea-Bissau. You can bet on his goal for odds of 4.3.

Basic forecast Sudan – Guinea-Bissau

Guinea-Bissau to win

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