Forks in basketball betting

Forks in basketball betting

Bookmakers operate on such a principle that only a few bettors who play according to an effective strategy manage to keep profit at a distance. There are not many of them, and one of them is surebets, which allow you to receive a guaranteed income.

Important: any bookmakers licensed in Russia regard surebets as unfair play and punish arbers in every possible way, starting from cancellation of winnings and ending with permanent blocking of the account.

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What is a bookmaker’s surebet

A fork is an opportunity to place bets on opposite results of the competition in different bookmakers and make a profit regardless of their outcome. Such situations arise due to the high competition among bookmakers, which forces them to increase the odds and create precedents for the occurrence of surebets. They are found in any kind of sport, but basketball is one of the most “forks”.

Where to find forks in basketball

Most often, surebets can be found in bets on the following outcomes:

  • Victory of one of the parties;
  • Handicap with a plus on some, with a minus on others;
  • The total is more for some, the total is less for others.

To make it clearer, let’s look at an example. Let’s imagine that we have an NBA match between the Boston Celtics and the Brooklyn Nets. One bookmaker gives a head start to Boston -3.5 odds of 2.15. Another bookmaker gives a +3.5 odds to Brooklyn’s odds of 2.09. Thus, if a player makes bets in these bookmakers on different outcomes, he will in any case win, no matter how the fight ends.

How to find surebets

Even some 5-10 years ago, bettors found most of the surebets manually, independently studying the lines of bookmakers and using a calculator. They did it according to the following formula:

1 / KF1 + 1 / KF2 = B, where KF1 is the odds of the first outcome, KF2 is the odds of the second outcome, B is the surebet.

It is profitable to bet if B is less than 1, if it is higher it is unprofitable.

For example, in the match between the Boston Celtics and the Brooklyn Nets, one bookmaker gives the odds of 1.92 for the victory of the first team, the other bookmaker gives the odds of 2.36 for the victory of the second team.

We calculate according to our formula: 1 / 1.92 (0.52) + 1 / 2.36 (0.42) = 0.94 – this match can be used for the game.

Some people still do such calculations manually, but most prefer to use special services that automatically search for surebets. This saves a lot of time. We want to say right away that all such programs are paid, but it’s worth it if you seriously deal with surebets.

Types of surebets in basketball betting

When we have learned what a fork is, where and how to find it, we can begin to directly analyze this strategy in basketball.

Basketball forks in prematch

Prematch is a bet before the start of the fight. You can find surebets in prematch at any time all year round, except in the summer there are fewer options, since there is a break in the top leagues. If you use only basketball forks, you can make a stable profit from them even without involving other sports disciplines.

Considering the wide variety of options, it is worth talking separately about which forks are better to choose. Scanners will find them for the coming days, weeks and even months. For the game, it is best to choose the near future, because this will allow you to make a profit as soon as possible and make new bets.

If we talk about surebets for matches in a week, here you need to understand that your money will be stuck for a long time, and you will probably miss out on new interesting options. Such bets are appropriate only if you know for sure that you will not play in the near future and you will not need money in your account.

And if we talk about long-term forks for a month or even further, then they generally have almost no meaning. Just imagine how long the money will hang and will be unavailable for the game. During this time, a huge number of interesting and profitable options will appear, from which you can get income.

Main pros and cons

Basketball forks in prematch have their pros and cons.

Main advantages:

  • The odds change slowly, there is no need to rush into the bet;
  • No need to constantly monitor the surebet scanner;
  • There is no such load as during live bets;
  • A prematch scanner costs almost half the price of live.

Main disadvantages:

  • The income is lower than with live bets;
  • The profit from each fork is small;
  • Slow bank turnover;
  • Competition is higher than in live;
  • Bookmakers are monitoring prematch arbers more strictly.

Basketball forks in Live

Live is a bet during a match, and experts advise to give preference to them. We have already written about the disadvantages of surebets in the prematch, which is why experienced professionals rarely use them. This does not mean that you need to focus solely on live, because it also has its drawbacks, but they are the preferred option.

The game mechanism itself is no different from a prematch, only here you have to act much faster, because sometimes the counting goes for seconds. If you do not have time to close two surebets at a favorable coefficient, you can stay in the red. We recommend betting on surebets in Live only if you have proper experience playing this strategy in the prematch.

As for the selection of suitable matches, it is better to bet on the top leagues (NBA, Euroleague, major European championships). It is better to refuse secondary championships.

Main pros and cons

Live basketball forks have their pros and cons.

Main advantages:

  • Forks in Live are much more common than in prematch;
  • Fast turnover of money;
  • Higher profitability compared to the prematch;
  • Bookmakers have less control over arbers in live.

Main disadvantages:

  • Suitable for experienced players only;
  • You need to act very quickly;
  • False surebets due to differences in the rules of different bookmakers;
  • High fatigue of the player, it will not work for a long time.

Which leagues are better to bet on

It is best to bet on popular championships, since there is plenty to choose from.


The most obvious and priority option is the National Basketball Association (NBA). The American Championship is the leader in terms of both audience interest and betting. The tournament is divided into a regular season and a playoff stage. In total, 30 teams participate in the championship, the minimum number of matches for each of them is 82, the maximum may differ, but usually slightly exceeds 100 games per season.


It is the largest European tournament and is very popular among non-US basketball fans. Also, like the NBA, it consists of two stages: the regular season and the playoffs. In total, 18 teams take part in the tournament, the best teams play a little more than 30 matches per season.

VTB United League

In fact, this is the championship of Russia with the addition of the best team from Kazakhstan, Estonia, Latvia, Poland and Belarus. It is popular among domestic basketball betting fans. The tournament is attended by 13 teams, the format assumes a regular season and playoffs. The best teams play a little over 30 matches per season.

Important nuances of betting on basketball forks

Experienced players are unlikely to find something new for themselves here, but beginners will have to take advantage of these tips.

  1. If you are betting live, you should always be prepared for the fact that the odds can change in a matter of seconds, so it is preferable to place bets during breaks, timeouts or commercial breaks.
  2. The choice of a bookmaker is very important, the success of your game directly depends on it. He must be honest, calculate bets quickly and not be too harsh about arbers.
  3. Do not make repeated bets, which, although they allow you to get even more profit, but literally shout to the bookmaker that you are a “surebet”.
  4. Avoid betting on surebets with very low profitability, as you will get little profit and only show up in front of the bookmaker once again. The optimal level of profitability is 2-10%.
  5. Avoid high-yield surebets. Forks with a profitability level of more than 10% appear rarely, and their most common reason is a technical error of the bookmaker, which means that the bookmaker will most likely calculate such a bet using odds of 1.
  6. Do not forget to round up the bet amounts so as not to “get fired up” once again. If the calculator asks you to bet 7385 rubles, bet 7,500 rubles, as this will attract less attention from the bookmaker.

Basketball forks are a great earning opportunity, but you need to approach them wisely. Do not forget that playing according to the “sure” strategy is prohibited in licensed Russian bookmakers, which means that your account can be blocked at any time.

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