France – Norway: forecast and rate. Who will be the triumph of the World Cup?

Team form

The French national team has triumphed in the last sixteen matches. Of course, Olivier Krumbolz’s charges want to win the second major title this year. The French women already have a victory at the Olympic Games. In the semifinals, the French women in the hardest meeting managed to break the resistance of the Danes (23:22).

Norway hasn’t lost in their last eight matches. Now most of the leaders are at the peak of their play form and careers, but when one of the three Lunde, Oftedal, Darle falls out,
may have problems. In the semifinals, Torir Hergeirsson’s wards managed to deal with the Spaniards without any problems (27:21).

Outcome betting

The victory of the French national team is estimated by the coefficient 3.64, a draw can be taken for 8.60, and the triumph of the Norwegians is available with the quote 1.51

Personal meeting history

Over the past two years, the teams have met each other four times. Three victories on the account of the Norwegians and one more meeting ended in a draw.

Forecast and rates

The Norwegians do not seem to be the undisputed favorite in this meeting.
The French women have a very good defensive line. If the team manages to play reliably in defense, then there will be chances for quick breaks and rapid counterattacks.

The Norwegian national team has solid potential, but I can’t believe that the team will be able to win the championship just like that. Looking forward to fighting in this game. I take a positive head start on the French women, they should give battle to their opponents in this fight.

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