Gafarov’s pyramid – what is it?

Gafarov’s pyramid – what is it?

Gafarov & Partners is the first investment fund in the Russian Federation to make money on betting. It appeared on the Internet in the fall of 2019. As “Gafarovites” speak of themselves, the fund brings daily profit on contradictions and mistakes in the work of bookmakers.

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The origin story of the Gafarov & Partners Foundation

Judging by the statements of the employees of Gafarov’s investment fund, in the distant zero years, the current employees of the company worked successfully on the other side of the barricades – they had a bookmaker business. During their work in betting, they met all the key players in this field, became real professionals and understood the essence of the bookmaker business. Then the guys grasped the main essence of the bookmaker business: when the bookmaker wins, people often lose. As they say, when they were in the bookmaker business, they were too young and set their goal only one thing – profit. When they grew up a little, they realized that earning while taking money from ordinary people no longer brings pleasure, and decided to take up a new field of activity, in which a social mission would also be present.

As the guys write in their introduction on the fund’s page, after realizing that they cannot continue to earn money with this type of business, they decided to switch to the side of the “good” in order to help both gamblers and ordinary gamblers to return their money, once lost. in bookmakers. After that, a team of like-minded people and the best specialists in the industry was formed with a combined experience of working for the bookmaker for more than a hundred years. This is how an investment fund appeared. At the same time, analysts of the website note that not a single link to sites, addresses or other contact details of bookmakers owned by the fund’s organizers has been provided.

Tools for making profit from the bookmaker

For a stable profit in the game with a bookmaker, the Gafarov & Partners fund has:

  • the strongest team of sports analysts, consisting of former employees of bookmakers.
  • own strategy of work.
  • strict rules of work.
  • regulations for the actions of each team member.
  • well-thought-out algorithms for interactions with bookmakers.
  • structured financial management.

Fund’s successful development strategy

As you can see from the official source, the participants of the Gafarov Foundation use their own strategy in their work. Every day it is being finalized, and the quality of work of the investment fund employees is improving, which is manifested in the creation of an internal system for selecting sports events, the probability of one or another outcome of which is predicted by the fund’s analysts. It is obvious that the details of this strategy are not passed on to third parties, but it is declared that the Gafarov and Partners system reduces risks to zero, while maintaining the probability of victory at the required level. One of the cornerstones of the fund’s strategy, which allows it to constantly increase the bank of investors, is the exclusive “Visa System”.

Visa system

The Gafarov & Partners Investment Fund presents a unique system for selecting bets on sports events called the “Visa System”. Why visas? Visas are, in fact, confirmation of the choice of a particular outcome by the fund’s analysts. At the first four steps (read, if the first four bets are lost), the Gafarovites have a four-visa system, that is, four analysts confirm the bet in a particular match. The throughput of these rates is small – only 54 percent. But at the fifth and sixth steps, two more analysts are included in the analysis, transforming the system from a four-visa system to a six-visa one. At these steps, only the most predictable events are used for analysis, however, as the founders of the fund themselves, for twelve thousand bets, analysts did not get to the sixth step.

However, the Gafarovites have calculated everything further: if all of a sudden the first six steps are unsuccessful, then from the seventh step the regime of total security is switched on. This mode implies that at the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth steps, each bet is selected only by unanimous decision of all eight analysts. The total security mode will save your invested funds from emotional bets. In this case, the required event with maximum traffic will be expected as long as needed. As stated on the website of the investment fund, there have not been such cases in the work yet, however, in this way its creators insure themselves against unpleasant situations if they fail to win in the first six steps.

It is also said that the maximum fund analysts reached the fifth step. In its work, Gafarov & Partners uses only 3% of your investment. The remaining 97% serve as guarantees of financial security, as the founders of the fund themselves declare.

10 step strategy

This strategy is not new and was not invented by the founders of the Gafarov Foundation, but dates back to the 18th century, when the Martingale strategy was invented. These days, this strategy, which you may have already encountered, is also called “catch-up”. The essence of the 10-step strategy is simple:

  • To begin with, fund analysts choose the event on which the bet will be made.
  • further, this rate is approved by four analysts of the fund. If all four of them confirm this choice, then a bet is made with the bookmaker for a certain amount.
  • the bet won? Great, the fund and investors are making money.
  • bet lost? According to the “strategy of 10 steps” analysts of the Gafarov fund move on to the second step, where the amount of the stake is doubled.
  • As we remember, from the seventh step, four more analysts are connected to the analysis of the event, but the initial amount of the bet has been multiplied several times by now.

Using an example, we will show how the bank management proceeds according to the 10-step strategy:

  • 1st step – 100,000 rubles
  • 2nd step – 200,000 rubles
  • 3rd step – 400,000 rubles
  • 4th step – 800,000 rubles
  • 5th step – 1 million 600,000 rubles
  • 6th step – 3 million 200,000 rubles
  • 7th step – 6 million 400,000 rubles
  • 8th step – 12 million 800,000 rubles
  • 9th step – 25 million 600,000 rubles
  • 10th step (last) – 51 million 200,000 rubles

The amounts, of course, are taken from the ceiling, but the principle of operation of this strategy is shown in the best possible way. The amount of each next bet is doubled until the Gafarov fund beats the bookmaker. As you remember from the official statements, the fund’s analysts have never even reached the sixth step, which indicates reliable work and good passability of the rates of the analytical department of Gafarov & Partners. For the fund to lose all the money, it is necessary to lose ten bets in a row, which, according to its founders, is comparable to the likelihood of dying from falling out of bed. How many who died falling from the bed are the Gafarites interested in?

Financial calculations

The minimum amount that you can invest in the Gafarov & Partners project is 100 thousand Russian rubles. The maximum investment is considered to be five million rubles, but hardly anyone from the founders of the fund will be upset if you can invest more. An interesting suggestion is that you can replenish your contribution to the company in cryptocurrency. Also, on the main page of the fund’s website, you can calculate the estimated profit using a special calculator. It’s up to you, of course, to decide, but at least you should be a little alarmed by the amount of 200% per annum when investing a minimum amount of 100 thousand rubles. No bank will provide you with such financial conditions. Free cheese only comes in a mousetrap, right?

How the pyramid of Gafarov works

No matter how well the founders of the Gafarov and Partners fund themselves describe their own creation, each potential investor must independently study all the risks before investing his own funds in an unknown project. The website provides its own view of the Gafarov & Partners project, but in no way tries to dominate your decision in any way. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide, we will express our personal opinion.

We are sure that many of you have already seen a single video on the Internet, where Gafarov’s investment fund is called a pyramid, it is equated to fraud, you may have heard numerous interviews of deceived investors who are unable to return their investment. Also characteristic is the fact that some former footballers of the Russian national team, having learned some details about the fund, hastily refused to further participate in the advertising campaign “Gafarov and Partners”. There is also evidence that this entity is legally registered in Great Britain, and therefore obeys the legislation of this particular European country, which automatically makes the claims of residents of the Russian Federation against this organization invalid.

Let’s put it bluntly: we will neither confirm nor deny the data provided by Gafarov & Partners. You yourself can hammer into a search engine something like “Gafarov’s pyramid” and find out everything yourself. will explain why it considers this investment fund unviable in the current bookmaker realities and will consider the probability of profit only from the point of view of sports betting.

First of all, we are confused by the staff of the fund’s analysts. The creators assure that the rates from the seventh step are confirmed by as many as eight (Karl!) Analysts. From our point of view, this is a fundamentally wrong approach, because it has long been known that there are specialists in various fields of sports, and it is unlikely that the opinion of a snooker specialist has any weight in betting on biathlon. Is not it? In our opinion, bets do not become more thoughtful if more people are involved in their development. Seven nannies have a child unattended, something like that.

In addition, it is worth mentioning the probability. All the disadvantages of playing catch-up have long been known. Many players got burned, having chosen this strategy, at the moment when they simply ran out of funds. Who said that ten steps are enough to achieve a goal? Why not 12? And if 16? All illustrative examples with a falling coin are absolutely meaningless here, because every time the coin falls with a probability of 50 to 50. Long series in football sometimes dragged on for more than ten matches, as in a casino sometimes red falls fifteen times in a row.

Do not forget about bookmakers. It is naive to believe that stupid people are sitting on the other side of the barricades, ready to give away the funds accumulated over the years for the sake of the newly-appeared Gafarov pyramid without a fight. It has long been known about the common methods of dealing with professional gamblers, such as cutting accounts and blocking them. Well, it is almost impossible to guess which of the bookmakers will provide you (the fund’s analysts) with the opportunity to place a bet of several million (say, it will be the 6-7th step) on a small market like table tennis or regional league football. If we are talking about a bookmaker’s exchange, then it is extremely interesting which player would want to make a bet with you in the amount of at least 500 thousand Russian rubles.

Ultimately, there are more questions than answers. In order to attract adequate players who want to increase their own investments, the founders of the fund would not hurt, in our opinion, to slightly improve the information content of the site, to tell in more detail about the previous pages of their lives related to bookmaking. The team of specialists considers the Gafarov & Partners investment fund to be an investment of money with high risks and extremely low probability of profit. The final decision is undoubtedly up to you.

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