Gilles Simon – Edward Winter: prediction and bets by Sergei Fomin

An extremely intriguing match awaits us in the 1st round of qualifying for the Australian Open. 36-year-old French veteran Gilles Simon will meet with a very promising local Australian Edward Winter.

Gilles Simon does not need a separate introduction, his tennis is known to everyone. The Frenchman has played very hard for the last two seasons, obviously he is close to retirement. Separately, I would like to note that, as always, Simon loses a lot of innings, there is no stability at all.

Edward Winter is a promising 17-year-old junior. He plays very hard on the back line, keeps the ball in play for a long time, makes a minimum of mistakes. The local tennis federation has high hopes for him, and constantly gives WC to major tournaments in Australia. I have no doubt that in the near future this guy will declare himself at a higher level.

We believe that at the moment Gilles Simon does not pose a big danger in the game. He regularly loses serve, makes a lot of double mistakes. Definitely the Australian talent will have the highest motivation for this match. He will fight for every ball and make Gilles wrong. A break in the 1st set looks like a great option.

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