Google closes the Cloud Print service – what to replace?

It would seem that recently we told you how to set up Google Cloud Print, and today this service ceases to exist. Since 31.12.20, Google has stopped support for the Google Cloud Print cloud service – we know it as “Cloud Printer.” And from January 1, 21, GLP users will not be able to send a single document to print using the cloud service.

Cloud Print is a cloud service that appeared in 2010. It allowed you to print documents through a local network or the Internet and, at that time, was the most advanced. For Cloud Print to function, you must connect the printing equipment to your Google Account. For 10 years of existence, Google Cloud Print has remained at the beta stage.

Most of the users of this service are schools, universities, small offices, small businesses. So what should they do? Google recommends that its customers “find an alternative printing solution.” At the close of the Virtual Printer function, life in the printing field does not end because, at the end of 2020, HP sold a record number of printers, many of which support the functions of a cloud service.

Cloud Print users can use Google Chrome’s print settings. They are intuitive and easy to use. To print a document from your phone, you do not have to own a Virtual Printer. There are a lot of simple and effective ways.

принцип работы Google Cloud Print

Alternative to Google Cloud Print

1. PrinterShare makes it easy to print over the network. This application helps to connect the printer over the network, and its functionality is not inferior to the Google service. At the moment, this is the best alternative to Cloud Print.

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2. Printix is an ideal option for mass printing. A wide range of functions and support for mobile devices are the main advantages of the platform. Printix is a great analog of Google Cloud Print because it is also supported in Chrome OS.

3. For entrepreneurs, administrators, service providers, and casual users, ThinPrint is perfect. It is easy to set up and can significantly reduce the time to create virtual networks.

4. If you are still looking for something to replace Google Cloud Print, AirPrint may is a good alternative. This is the same Virtual Printer but from Aplle. The only drawback of the service is its limitations – it works only on Apple operating systems.

5. PrintNode Client is designed for large enterprises. There are paid features. The strengths of the program include performance and high data security.

структура приложения PrinterShare

We recommend the gLabels program developed for the GNU/Linux OS to create business cards and labels. Owners of MacOS, a worthy alternative to Google Cloud Print will be the program DropPrint. PrintNode and Ezeep services may also come in handy.

Do not forget to refrig printers promptly and carry out prevention.

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