Guido Andreozzi – Murkel Alejandro Delien Velasco: forecast and rate. Will Guido interrupt his unsuccessful streak?

Guido Andreozzi

Guido has lost nine matches in a row. The representative of Argentina has lost some self-confidence. At the moment, he is on the 271st position in the ATP tour. Andreozzi played his last match last season with Felix Meguigeni Rodriguez Alves, losing in two sets.

Murkel Alejandro Delien Velasco

Murkel concentrates exclusively on playing on clay. At the moment, the representative of Bolivia is in the 905th position in the ATP tour. At the Challenger in Buenos Aires, Delien Velasco made his way through the qualifiers, where he beat Lopez Linket and Huertas Del Pinho in two sets.

Personal meeting history

Tennis players have never met among themselves

Outcome betting

Guido Andreozzi’s victory is estimated by the quotation 1.33, and the triumph of Murkela Alejandro Delien Velasco is available with the odds 3.24

Forecast and rates

Andreozzi decided not to qualify for the Australian Open. This is most likely correct, since the last time he won the tour was a little over four months ago. Guido needs to return to his best game form and self-confidence. It is worth saying that Murkel Alejandro showed himself well this season, but it will be incredibly difficult for him to count on success in this confrontation. Guido will aim to do everything to interrupt the unsuccessful streak for himself, and will do it, breaking the negative handicap.

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