Handball betting: features of the sport

Handball betting: features of the sport

Handball betting is not as popular as betting on more popular sports, but for handball connoisseurs and fans, it is quite possible to get an edge over the line. The main condition for a profitable game at a distance is immersion in the nuances, the little things are decided here. The strategy of betting on handball differs little from the standard one: you need to play according to your bankroll, look for valuable positions in the line and try to use more handicap bets. There is an opinion among cuppers that the bets on the clear victory of the favorites in handball are negative at a distance.

Despite the fact that handball in its modern history was first included in the number of Olympic sports at the 1972 Olympics in Munich, this does not mean that a sport somewhat reminiscent of handball was not popular in Europe in the first half. twentieth century.

How do handball bets differ from other bets?

Researchers claim that handball was played back in the 19th century, which makes this sport not as young as many ordinary people think. At the same time, European international forums have been held only since 1994, so handball is quite popular these days and is gaining momentum. Its popularity, among other things, is manifested due to the increased flow of bets, because even at the beginning of zero, the line and the list for handball matches did not differ much in depth.

Handball is a popular sport

Today there is a real sports bookmaker boom – you can bet on handball at absolutely any bookmaker’s office. BC will provide you with statistical materials to study the alignment of forces before the match, and will also give you the opportunity to watch an online broadcast of a handball match in live mode – just play. However, before betting your hard-earned money on a handball match, you should at least understand the principle of handball, and ideally know the basic set of rules.

It is known that handball is necessarily played only indoors, so adjustments for weather conditions are not relevant here. The size of the site is 40 by 20 meters. Each of the teams participating in the handball match consists of seven players on the court (six field players and one goalkeeper). A handball match is two halves of half an hour with a break of fifteen minutes. The main object of the game is the ball, which handball players can transfer to each other only with their hands. Around the goal there is a 6-meter zone, into which field players are prohibited from running. The exception is the moments when the players run into the zone together with a shot on goal. The goal of this very game is to throw as many balls into the opponent’s goal as possible, observing the rules of the game. It should also be remembered that in handball, a lot is decided not only by the combination game, but also by free throws from the 7-meter zone, which are collected in a sufficient number during the game so that their execution directly affects the final result. As you can see, the sport called handball differs significantly from both basketball and football by its own rules. We recommend that you delve into them completely in order to be successful in handball betting.

Types of handball bets

Handball, like any other team game, has the same set of markets suggested by the bookmaker as, for example, football or hockey, with some caveats. Basically, the strategy for betting on handball matches is similar to other game sports.

Outcome betting

The bookmaker will not provide anything new here for fans of betting on the outcomes in football. The same bets on the victory of the hosts (w1), the victory of the guests (w2) or on a draw outcome of the event (X), live bets. However, absolutely notorious adventure lovers can bet on a draw – due to the high efficiency, this outcome is recorded extremely rarely. In matches of roughly equal opponents, the odds for a draw can vary from 7.0 to 10.0, which often attracts lovers of big money. Pay attention to the status of the match and its regulations. If, in the event of a draw in regular time, the regulations provide for two more halves of five minutes each, then make sure that this bookmaker accepts bets only on the regular time of the match.

Line for handball matches in BC

Handicap Winning Bets

A handicap is an advantage in a certain number of goals given to a weaker team. To equalize the chances of winning for both teams, bookmakers usually set handicaps on them. The favorite is given a minus handicap (-11.5), and the prospective outsider is given a plus (+11.5). In order to determine whether you won or not, add to the final result of the game the odds that the bookmaker put up before the start of the match.

Total match betting

On average, in a handball match, you can see 50-60 goals per match, which keeps the estimated total in bookmaker in the range of the indicated numbers. One thing we can say for sure: you definitely won’t have to look at a faceless game with no goals in handball. The teams, of course, may not break through the declared total, but they will certainly shoot a number of goals close to it.

Individual total betting

Individual total is the same as in total total, only in relation to one of the teams participating in a given match. The average handball team must score from 20 to 30 goals per game.

Goal Race Betting

In this case, you do not have to guess the winner of the whole match or its final total. You can select several marks for the match, and you are required to guess the team that will score this number of points earlier. As you understand, in a race to three or five goals, a hopeless outsider of the match may well succeed, which will slightly increase the odds for the favorite to win at this mark. Or will the leader take a long time to harness?

who will be the first to score the required number of goals first?

Exact goal difference

This type of bet is a more advanced and more complex bet on the desired handicap in the match. The only difference is that when betting on a handicap, one of the teams needs to reach a certain mark in the difference, and then you can get any minus handicap you want. In the case of the exact difference, the bookmaker offers several variations of the exact difference (1-3 balls, 4-6 balls), and it is in this interval that the final difference in your chosen match should be. At the same time, it should be understood that, having guessed such a difference, you are given the opportunity to win at a much higher odds than when betting on a regular handicap.

Handicap odds

Combined bets

In cases where the odds for the victory of one of the teams alone or for the total total in a handball match are not enough for you, the bookmaker provides an opportunity for fans of more odds in the form of combined bets. By multiplying the two odds, the bookmaker links the two bets into one so that you don’t have to bet twice.

For example, the victory of the first team and the total of the match is over 50.5 or the victory of the second team and the total of the match is less than 62.5. Two choices instead of one, however, in addition to the odds, doubles the risk that the bet will not play (the forecast will turn out to be incorrect). Keep this in mind when making combo handball bets.

How to Win Handball Betting

Handball is a separate and independent sport with its own characteristics and secrets. Even if you are determined to make capital in handball, you need to be patient and start by learning the materiel. First of all, we are talking about the rules and subtleties of handball. At the beginning of this article, we gave the main calculations from the rules, however, for a successful and effective understanding of handball, we recommend that you study them completely. It will be a shame to lose your hard-earned money due to the fact that you were simply too lazy to understand the nuances of the game.

Also, it will not be superfluous to understand the rules for accepting handball bets in a particular bookmaker in which you have to make a bet, to conduct a clear analysis. Only at first glance it seems that the rules for accepting handball bets are the same everywhere. In fact, you may have unforeseen and controversial episodes after calculating the rates, which you can easily get around by studying the rules of your chosen bookmaker. In addition, each individual handball tournament may have its own characteristics. For example, the options can be with the determination of the winner of the match based on the results of a draw in regular time.

At the same time, it is not enough just to study the rules of the game and tournament regulations in order to earn money. It is also necessary to understand the alignment of forces on the eve of or during a particular match. Those who bet, for example, on football, know perfectly well how the favorite teams often conserve their strength, put up duplicate teams or simply drain the games. Handball, of course, is not such a media sport, however, here too, teams may not play at the limit of their capabilities, which must be taken into account at the risk of their own money. At the beginning of the 2000s, it was extremely difficult to find the necessary handball statistics: then only a few had the Internet, and the Russian-language resources available on the global network, in rare cases, provided all the necessary database on handball tournaments not on the first list.

Today, you can find on the Internet both the statistics of the performances of a particular team and the indicators of individual players, which will undoubtedly make it easier for you to prepare for the conclusion of a bet. As expected, there are also more people who want to make easy money on the analytics of handball matches. It is unlikely that all of these would-be analysts are familiar with the rules of handball, but analytical articles with the above strategies are provided regularly. A good piece of advice is not to listen to questionable assistants in handball betting, but first of all, delve into the sport yourself, if there is, of course, a genuine interest in this. Once this happens, it will not be difficult for you to distinguish a handball charlatan from someone with their own vision and strategy in handball betting. Good luck with that!

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