HC Sochi – Vityaz: forecast and bet of Maxim Lebedev

Trampled and humiliated before the arrival of Nazarov and over-praised after his arrival, HC Sochi seems to have given up the fight for a place in the playoffs. What is the real reason – you have to live within the team for this. Outside, we see a lot of game problems, moreover, those that have come up recently, with which the coaching staff of the southerners still cannot cope with it.

But their colleagues from “Vityaz” have solved the main problems, and the Podolsk team is now breathing deeply. Of course, there is no talk about the playoffs, but to catch up and then bypass in the standings of the Western Conference of Sochi residents – here God himself ordered. And right now, the “knights” have everything they need for this.

Therefore, in this pair I will have a rather non-trivial forecast, namely: an away victory for Vityaz. How Podol residents will take away two points, at once or having suffered overtime, I cannot say. But I predict two points for Vityaz. At this point, since the game has started, it is necessary to “forge iron without leaving the cash register.” The devil only knows how it will turn out after the New Year.

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