Heracles – Kambuur: forecast and rate of Vladislav Turov

Heracles is a typical home team that scores the bulk of points in home rounds. This season, in 17 rounds played, they managed to score only 17 points, of which 16 were in home rounds. At the same time, “Heracles” does not insist on ball control so strongly at home, on average 47%.

Kambuur are another strong Eredivisie rookie near the European Cup zone. However, I doubt that this is the goal of the club, after all, the depth of the squad and the team’s capabilities are limited to fight in several tournaments. In any case, Kambuur prefers to play through control of the ball, and at a party it reaches 48%. However, it should be borne in mind that Henk de Jong’s wards won in 5 out of 8 away rounds, and the percentage is still high.

The match will be played without the support of the stands, but the hosts will still have the advantage of artificial turf, on which not all clubs in the Eredivisie are accustomed to playing. Of course, in matches of roughly equal opponents, the scenario is important. However, if you look at the average numbers, opportunities and manner of play of the teams, then the guests should have more possession of the ball.

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