High odds betting strategy

High odds betting strategy

Let’s say right away that the strategy of betting on high odds is not intended for everyone, and some types of players are prohibited from using at all. As with any strategy, betting on high odds has its own risks and does not guarantee instant profit or income over the course. Bets on the principle “the higher the odds, the better” can lead a player, especially an inexperienced one, into a dead end situation, from which not everyone will find a way out.

Big odds - how to bet correctly?

Who is not allowed to bet on odds over 4.0?

What are the risks of this strategy, and who is better off using it?

  1. For beginners. In the world of betting, there is a common truth: the less experience a player has in betting, the more he trusts the odds set by the bookmaker. Most often, inexperienced bettors think that the lower the odds from the bookmaker’s office, the more likely it is that this bet will go. Such players are not very interested in the concept of “value”, they bet more on the “feel”, and they are afraid of large coefficients like fire. It is extremely dangerous to bet for such players according to the strategy of high odds, because it is quite difficult for them to find a real revaluation of the odds.
  2. Psychologically unstable players. Obviously, even with a good guideline in value bets, experienced players will have to face long loose streaks when playing at high odds. If you play odds of 4.0 and higher, then you need to have nerves of steel in order not to break out in an instant, putting the entire pot on one of the bets. Only distance, strict adherence to the chosen system, strategy of selection of rates, patience and work with the bank can lead you to success, playing high odds for a long time. Expect to lose more often, but also make a big profit from a single bet.
  3. Players who do not have an adequate supply of funds. Based on the previous paragraph, it becomes clear that, in addition to the carriage of patience and endurance, the players who have chosen this strategy need to have a serious reserve of funds on the gaming account in the bookmaker’s office in order to check the strategy of the game at high odds as accurately as possible. Be prepared to lose ten or fifteen bets in a row from the start of its trial before you catch a really big fish. Are you ready for such tests financially and morally? Then go to an unequal battle with the bookmaker!

How to bet on high odds?

Now about the game itself using this strategy. The most important thing is to understand that there are high odds from the bookmaker of several types. Namely:

  • There are really unlikely outcomes for certain events, which the bookmaker estimates with solid numbers; but there are underestimated outcomes of matches, the likelihood of which is much higher than the bookmaker predicted. Most often, such outcomes can be found on the so-called smallmarkets, where many bookmakers openly “float” without checking with the authorities of these markets. To find such undervalued options, experienced gamblers use all kinds of scanners that help determine the value of bets.
  • Less often, there are cases when bookmakers confuse favorites, giving, for example, instead of the general market 1.5-1.7, odds in the region of the four. On the one hand, you can put a surebet and protect yourself from risk altogether, on the other hand, if you determine exactly which of the offices is wrong and bet on a high coefficient in it, then you will definitely have a profit on the distance. It remains only to determine the value, which in fact will not be such an easy task if your expertise in this sport is small.

High Odds Football Betting

One of the main, if not the main, advantage of high odds betting is the low, and in many cases even negative, margins that are charged on underdogs. In order to bet, we select a championship, where teams from the bottom of the table quite often give sensations in a match with recognized favorites. We are talking, for example, about the English championship, and more specifically, about the Leicester – Norwich match. In the match one of the contenders for the main title of the Premier League and the team in the penultimate place in the table meet. The odds are set approximately as follows: 1.2 – 7.0 – 13, double chance 1.03 – 5.0. Obviously, the difference in the class of teams is not so great that these odds are considered adequate for this game. We take away the guests’ loss for 5.0 and we have a net profit of $ 80 with an average rate of, say, $ 20. Of course, not every match between the favorite and the outsider should be considered valuable for betting on the underdog, but if you take into account the history of relationships between the teams, problems in the favorite’s line-up and even weather conditions, then there are enough such matches for a stable increase in bets.

As already mentioned, with this strategy, the main indicator is profit at a distance, and there should be not 10-15 games, but at least 100 games. You don’t need to bet on everything, but it would also be wrong to stretch these one hundred bets for two months. Matches such as the Leicester-Norwich duel shown in the example are played almost every day in different championships. Arm yourself with additional valuation resources (line scanners, sources for obscure championships) so you don’t miss a day in high odds betting. Also, for this you need to have a certain bank. Let’s say your average bet is $ 20, and your losing streak lasts up to ten matches in a row. This means that you have already given $ 200 to the bookmaker to test the strategy, however, when playing with high odds, longer losing streaks are likely. We recommend placing 1-2% of the initial bank flat in order to have a margin for entering a positive series.

Live tennis betting with big odds

If there are not enough events in the line, then live bets can come to the rescue. Moreover, you can bet not only on football, but also on tennis events. For this sport, it is more realistic to close the event with a surebet at a suitable coefficient. Imagine a hopeless Grand Slam debut against Nadal in a match on clay, and the odds are 1.05 and 12. In order to make money from such a match, you don’t have to wait for the sensation when Nadal is kicked out of the tournament. It is enough if the underdog makes at least one break in the match for the odds on Nadal to jump to 1.25. Let’s say that before the start of the fight you made a $ 20 newbie bet at odds of 12.0 and your potential net winnings are $ 220. Now, using the surebets calculator, you will need to calculate the required amount for a bet on Nadal in order to stay in the black with any outcome of the match. So, we will bet $ 192 on the Spaniard at 1.25, and the net profit without reference to the result will now be $ 28 per stake. To put it simply, you have already played the next almost 1.5 unsuccessful bets, which is a good result in the distance.

Also, do not forget to study the rules of bookmakers in which you bet on tennis. Pay particular attention to the rules for calculating bets when an opponent refuses to fight further, because there are bookmakers in which all outcomes are calculated with a coefficient of 1.0, and there are those where the results at the time of refusal of one of the opponents are counted as final. In our example, if Nadal suddenly refuses to continue the fight due to injury, you risk losing $ 192, bet on his victory, and at the same time in another bookmaker your $ 20 per underdog will be multiplied by a factor of 1.0 and remain with you. Be careful!

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