Hockey Outsider Bet

Hockey Outsider Bet

Betting on an outsider in hockey is popular among professional bettors, as it has proven itself in various top leagues such as the NHL, KHL and others. The advantage of the strategy is that it is easy to use, and the intensive schedule of games is suitable for almost daily use.

Outsider bet

Features of betting on an outsider

In the top leagues, due to the large number of teams, high competition and tight schedule of games, bookmakers often give high odds for the victory of both teams, and even for an obvious contender for victory, the odds can be set at least 1.7.
But, despite the fact that the best players play in such championships, they still have their own leaders and outsiders. Given the frequent victories of underdogs, regular long distance betting on outsiders is a promising cash investment. On the example of the NHL and the KHL, you can see that 9 teams, set by the bookmaker as underdogs, won victories, and played such high odds as 3.35, 4.2 and 4.3.

NHL Results KHL results

But it should be understood that a bet on all underdogs in a row will lead to the immediate loss of your bank. If you turn to statistics, for example, to the service, you can see that teams with a higher coefficient win 40.2% of the time (moreover, this statistics is given taking into account overtimes and shootouts). Therefore, a fundamental element of this strategy is the careful selection of games.

How the strategy works

The NHL, KHL and some other top leagues have a rather tight schedule of games, which is why teams can meet with an interval of one or two days, and sometimes the games take place one after another the next day. At such moments, it is difficult for hockey players to recover physically, besides, an important factor in favor of the second team will be the situation if the favorite plays two games in a row away. It is logical that minimal rest can negatively affect the favorite’s play. It is necessary to find matches where the favorite fits the situation described above, and the underdog has two or three days to rest between games.

What can affect the victory of an outsider

  • the principle of the meeting;
  • higher motivation to win;
  • general fatigue of the favorite of the meeting;
  • the lack of a number of major players in the favorite;
  • the outsider is in great shape and has a streak of several wins;
  • protracted away streak of the favorite.

How to calculate the bank when betting on outsiders

Mightytips believes that the most optimal play when betting on an outsider is flat. On average, the odds that the bookmaker offers to the outsider varies from 3.3 to 4.5, which means that if you put conditional 300 units for three matches (100 units for each match), then, in the event of even one victory, you can be in the black 30 to 150 units.

Outsider betting is not the only strategy in hockey betting, see our Betting Strategies section for even more strategies.

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