How do bookmakers calculate surebets?

How do bookmakers calculate surebets?

An interesting and profitable way to make money in betting is with surebets. Bookmakers by any means try to figure out the arbers and, with a successful outcome, cut them highs at the most inopportune moment. Before we understand how bookmakers calculate surebets, let’s turn to the terminology.

Bookmaker fork – this is when several bookmakers offer high odds on opposite outcomes, which guarantees the player a profit on whatever he bets.

Forklift – a bettor who catches surebets from different bookmakers and earns exclusively on the difference in odds.

The security service tries to catch arbers, paying attention to the behavior of the players and the size of their bets. If there is even the slightest suspicion of using the strategy, the highs are cut without hesitation, and winning bets are calculated at a single odds. Let’s take a look at five signs that the bookmaker pays special attention to.

Signs by which bookmakers calculate arbers

Feature # 1 Betting on little-known events

The increase in activity at the games of the teams of the lower division of Honduras or the Moroccan water polo championship will attract the attention of analysts. There are always a lot of players at the top events with different amounts of bets, so it is easy for a surebet to get lost in the crowd.

Feature # 2 Maximum or “non-round” rates

The bettors win on the difference in the odds, so there is no point in making small bets. The one-time maximum bet will surprise no one, and regular high-stakes play will raise suspicion and a thorough check will be carried out on the player.

Round bets help simulate the game of an ordinary client. A simple client of a bookmaker’s office is unlikely to bet 342.65 rubles. Professional arbers bet 100, 1,000, 10,000 rubles, even if arb calculators require the opposite. Newcomers often ignore this rule and come to the attention of the security service.

Feature # 3 Constant replenishment of the account

An ordinary player will never fund an account at a bookmaker before all bets have been played. Bettor needs to know the final account balance in order to understand the need for further deposits. Arbitrators, on the other hand, replenish the account even with bets that are not yet in the game in order to quickly react to a new surebet.

How arbers are caught by the bookmaker's security service

Feature # 4 Fork baits

It is possible that bookmakers, tired of the actions of surebets, independently create surebets for the outcome. Thus, a group of arbers gets caught in a trap, and at the exit they will receive a cut maximum on several accounts at once.

Feature # 5 Scanners

Such technical devices are used not only by professional arbers, but also by analysts. Scanners can be used in conjunction with other signs by which BC employees catch groups of players who rushed to bet on an event in a crowd. This strategy is especially effective if the match is not among the popular ones.

A surebet strategy is not prohibited if it is not used within the same bookmaker’s office. However, analysts, together with the security service, cut off the oxygen to the surebet specialists in order to avoid financial losses of the bookmaker.

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