How do I make printing documents confidential?

What happens to a file after it goes to a network printer? From the point of view of information security, there is a huge risk of capturing information from third parties. To solve this, special tools were invented. Information protection is now a severe problem. This is the basis of any business. Access to it can lead to terrible consequences.

It is necessary to minimize the risk with the help of security systems. Now it’s basically just guarding and strengthening the protection of its information resources. But the issue of confidentiality when printing is most often not even opened.

Ordinary office as a security threat

Everyone knows the situation workers poison documents for printing in one of the office printers. And the sent files can be read by anyone. It is good if everyone prints on a separate printer. And if not, or the employee is waiting for the cartridge to be refilled in his office because the toner has run out? And if a person is confused and printed on someone else’s? What is the probability that no one will read his correspondence? What is the probability that he will not forget about these printouts in the neighboring department? The possibility of papers getting to the wrong people is not limited to the human factor. With network printing, everything is transmitted in some format, and this data can easily be intercepted and decoded with special equipment.

And a simple repair of the printer will not fix it. It’s all about encoding information. The disadvantages of ordinary work include the fact that it turns out a very large loss of paper and paint due to incorrectly printed documents, because printing can not be canceled. Also, if you leave the printer unattended, anything can be printed on it. That is, workers can abuse their position and print anything. It’s also straightforward st make a mistake and send the same file to the printer 100,500 times. And wrong.

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Intelligent print management.

There comes the point where integrated print management becomes one of the key issues. Perfect Ubiquitech printing control system. This program is a client-server solution. Roughly speaking, this is a very advanced print server that will become an intermediate link between employees and MFPs. All documents go to the server, where they fall into the queue. To print the desired file, you need to select the desired printer.

But before that, the employee is obliged to authenticate with a card or pin code. Thanks to this, the document will fall directly into its owner in the hands. At the same time, for this program, it does not matter where the file came from. The main thing is that the cartridges are filled. You can throw it off even on the way to the office from your phone. The main thing is that you can go to the application. You can submit a document for printing, even while in another city, and the trustee in the office will take the necessary document.

About the fact that your data is intercepted, do not worry about everything protected with the help of crypto-algorithms. To this program you can connect the simplest models of super-advanced it will work here and there. Just on more “fancy models,” it will be launched through a special client. If your printer does not work with third-party software and USB, then integration will occur through IP readers placed nearby.

Centralized control

Servers provide centralized print management with maximum confidentiality. The functionality will ensure maximum security. Since you can configure actions for the necessary events, user identification, etc.

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